Google needs to go back to the drawing board, as Password Alert is hacked in 24 hours

Not even a day after Password Alert's release, security researcher Paul Moore has busted straight through Google's attempt to protect our passwords from phishing attempts that use Gmail logins to hook unsuspecting users.

Peer into the future of Chrome with the developer version, now available on Android

As of today, the Dev channel for the Chrome browser is available in the Google Play Store. This version of the browser is a peek into the future of Chrome, where new features are tested before they’re deemed fit for consumption by the…

Hilarious Chrome extension adds a Conchita Wurst beard to all faces in your browser

Once you've the extension switched on in your browser, Wurstify will use facial recognition algorithms to detect all the faces on any webpage you visit. Once it finds a face, it will instantly superimpose a realistic Conchita Wurst beard…

Google releases Chrome 42 into the stable channel

Google announced the release of Chrome 42 to the stable channel on April 14. The updated version of the browser is now available on Windows, Mac and Linux. Notably, it has 45 security fixes, which were resolved with help from external…

Performing better at work? You’re probably using Chrome or Firefox

According to a new study, employees who use non-default browsers stay longer and perform better at work. Apparently, those who choose third-party browsers are researchers who are better informed.

Google rolls out security improvements to help flag up malicious websites

Google's continuing efforts to improve online safety for Web users include the roll out this week of a bunch of security improvements for Chrome, Search, and ads.

Get more from your Chromebook with these great productivity web-based apps

If you're really trying to get the most out of your budget-friendly laptop, we've compiled a list of the best Web-based apps designed to extend your Chromebook's functionality and keep you working as long as your battery does.

Why securing your browser is the best defense

Decrypt This dives into what makes a web browser safe, and the options, features, and applications you can use to be sure your browsing experience remains secure.

What browser choice? Microsoft is free again to ignore Internet Explorer rivals in Europe

Microsoft is no longer obligated to display a web browser choice screen in Internet Explorer on the old continent, as a 2009 EU ruling has just expired. What impact will this have on browser use, if any?

Yahoo prompts users to “upgrade” to the new Firefox

What does your choice of browser say about you? A month after Yahoo and Mozilla signed a partnership deal, Yahoo has started plugging Firefox on some of its most high-profile sites.

Internet Explorer enjoys usage upsurge, Chrome and Firefox remain blips on IE’s radar

Internet Explorer's lead over Chrome and Firefox in desktop browser use is getting bigger and bigger, while Safari remains a distant fourth despite growth.

Google brings Chrome browser to the 21st century with 64-bit Mac OS X support

Google's Chrome, the second most used desktop browser in the world, has just received a major update, with 64-bit support for Mac OS X added in the mix.