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Netflix Party lets you hate-watch Netflix with friends from afar

Netflix Party may not be life-changing, but for those looking to keep in touch with friends in the age of online sociability, this Chrome extension that lets you stream with friends from afar could be your next addiction.

Google shutting down Chrome app launcher because no one cares

Google is finally doing away with one more performance-hogging aspect of the Chrome browser, namely the largely ignored Chrome app launcher, and fortunately, Chrome OS remains unfettered.

Microsoft attempts to lure developers with tool to port Chrome extensions to Edge

Microsoft is attempting to lure developers over to Edge by creating a tool that will help those developers port their Chrome extensions easily over to Microsoft's web browser.

Chrome 50 beta update gets pushy with new notification improvements

Web pages could start loading up certain elements much quicker in the near future, thanks to Chrome's way of handling declarative preload in the new beta. On top of that, push notifications have seen some tweaks, in this 50th beta release…

Google's changed the way Chrome tabs appear in Android's multitasking view

Google's changed a key behavior of Chrome on newer versions of Android: Web page tabs and apps no longer coexist in the multitasking menu. Instead, tabs live within the Chrome app.

Google will pay you $100K if you can pull off the ultimate Chrome hack

Google has raised the reward in its bug bounty program for Chrome from $50,000 to $100,000 to see if anyone can pull off a "persistent compromise" of Chrome. No one has been successful, so far.

Microsoft bleeds IE users to Google, Chrome on top by mid-year

Likely driven by Windows users looking for an alternative to Microsoft's browsers, Internet Explorer usage appears to be in a freefall while Google Chrome usage continues to rise month after month.

Google Chrome for iOS loses ‘Do Not Track’ feature

Google seems to have removed the 'Do Not Track' feature in Chrome for iOS -- but the issue stems from Apple's constraints in its WKWebView API for third-party browsers. Google said it will add the features again if Apple offers an update.

Chrome will soon mark unencrypted sites with a big, red X

Google is pushing encryption to every corner of the Web by labeling sites without any encryption as unsecure in Chrome, in the same way it marks sites with broken or insufficient encryption.

Google's iOS Chrome app is finally on par with Safari

Chrome users on iPhones and iPads can finally rejoice, as Google has updated the popular browser. Not only is it much faster, its crash rate has been reduced by 70 percent. The Chrome IOS app update comes right after a big Safari crash on…

Google’s new Brotli algorithm is about to supercharge Web browsing

Google is set to unveil its new Brotli algorithm, which dramatically speeds up Web compression. It's coming to Chrome and Firefox initially, but could make its way to other browsers in the future.

This brilliant new Chrome extension blocks out everything related to Donald Trump

In what may be the best and easiest anger management treatment for the 2016 election cycle yet, there is now a Chrome filter that will get Donald Trump out of your version of the Internet.