Firefox feeling sluggish? AdBlock Plus may be slowing it, and your computer, to a crawl

You may think AdBlock Plus is speeding up your Firefox Web browsing experience while blocking annoying ads, but it may actually be doing the exact opposite.

Google works to make Chrome OS more offline-friendly, scoop up Windows XP refugees

Though Chromebooks are known for losing some functionality if they're not connected to the Internet, Google is working to change that. You can learn more here.

Scan websites for Heartbleed with this Google Chrome browser extension

You can protect yourself from the Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability with Chromebleed, a free Google Chrome browser extension. Learn more about how Chromebleed works, and how to get it here.

Javelin outclasses Chrome with one-handed gestures, ad blocking, built-in VPN

Looking to try a new browser on for size? Javelin is a brand new one that offers super fast browsing, a VPN, reading mode and more. It tries to blend tons of features with an experience that is straightforward and easy for all.

Google adds voice search to latest Chrome beta for Windows, Mac, Linux

Google added what it calls "hands-free voice search" to its latest version of the Chrome beta. Learn more about the latest feature to hit Google's desktop Web browser here.

Chrome browser bug can let malicious sites eavesdrop

A Web developer has come across a security flaw in Google's popular Chrome browser that could allow malicious sites to listen to you through your computer's microphone without you realizing.

Firefox add-ons ‘more difficult’ to hijack, Mozilla claims. But are they?

After users of certain Google Chrome extensions were bombarded with unwanted ads, Mozilla has talked a good game about the relative safety of their add-ons from hijackers. But history shows Firefox isn't immune to these attacks either.

Google kicks out Chrome extensions after code changes bring unwanted ads

Google's decision to remove two Chrome extensions from its Web store over the appearance of unwanted ads has thrown the spotlight on the market for such software, and how they're automatically updated without user notification.

Chrome 32 lets you track down noisy tabs

Don't you just hate it when you have multiple browser tabs open and a noisy video ad kicks in, leaving you to search through each one in an effort to find the culprit? With Google's latest Chrome release, such annoying antics will be a…

Pirate Bay escapes to Peru domain, teases forthcoming PirateBrowser

Not only has Pirate Bay switched to a Peruvian domain to evade authorities and keep itself up and running, but a BitTorrent-powered browser is reportedly in the works that would purportedly make Pirate Bay domain seizures obsolete.

Google stonewalls access to Pirate Bay Chrome browser extension, more

If you use Google Chrome browser extension in order to sift through your favorite torrent sites to find stuff, your task just got tougher. But only very, very, very..very slightly tougher.