Google's iOS Chrome app is finally on par with Safari

Chrome users on iPhones and iPads can finally rejoice, as Google has updated the popular browser. Not only is it much faster, its crash rate has been reduced by 70 percent. The Chrome IOS app update comes right after a big Safari crash on…

Google’s new Brotli algorithm is about to supercharge Web browsing

Google is set to unveil its new Brotli algorithm, which dramatically speeds up Web compression. It's coming to Chrome and Firefox initially, but could make its way to other browsers in the future.

This brilliant new Chrome extension blocks out everything related to Donald Trump

In what may be the best and easiest anger management treatment for the 2016 election cycle yet, there is now a Chrome filter that will get Donald Trump out of your version of the Internet.

Wield your phone as a lightsaber with Google’s latest Chrome experiment 0:15

Google has launched a new Chrome Experiment that pairs your phone with your desktop and allows you to wield it as a lightsaber. You'll start off traversing through a Star Destroyer, battling storm troopers who still have trouble…

New Chromebox from Asus packs 5th-gen Intel processor for $199

Asus has launched its latest version of the Chromebox, which boasts a fifth-generation Intel Broadwell processor, the same small form factor, and an intriguing price point of just $199.

Chrome for Android can now save up to 70 percent of your data with Data Saver mode

If you have a limited data plan or frequent slow networks, you already know how important it is to not waste data. Google's updated Data Saver mode on Chrome for Android will save up to 70 percent of your data and speed up your Web…

The Star Wars spoilers are strong, but the force is strong with this Chrome extension

Like Luke, this chrome extension is an unlikely hero that will protect you from the dark side of the Star Wars universe - spoilers!

New browser exploit tracks even the most paranoid web users

What if a malicious website owner could turn secure certificates against you, using them to track your trek across the web? Researcher Yan Zhu has shown how that could happen; try it out yourself.
Home Theater

How to watch Amazon Instant Video on Chromecast or Android TV

Amazon won't add Chromecast capability to its Instant Video app for Android, and they won't release an app for Android TV. But there's still a way to get that video on your TV, using your computer and a browser extension.

Google cuts ‘OK Google’ voice search feature from Chrome because no one was using it

Shortly after the company announced that it would cut the notification center from its browser for Windows, Mac, and Linux, it was discovered that the “OK Google” voice detection feature was removed from Chrome 46, the latest version of…

Google kills the Chrome browser’s notification center after discovering no one uses it

Blaming a lack of usage, Google has announced plans to remove the notification center from the Windows, Mac, and Linux versions of its Chrome Web browser in the software's next release.

Google’s OnHub router is actually a Chromebook in disguise

A team of determined hackers have been able to root the Google OnHub, which means that you might one day be able to load your own custom software onto the router and tailor it to suit your needs.