Chrome 32 lets you track down noisy tabs

Don't you just hate it when you have multiple browser tabs open and a noisy video ad kicks in, leaving you to search through each one in an effort to find the culprit? With Google's latest Chrome release, such annoying antics will be a…

Pirate Bay escapes to Peru domain, teases forthcoming PirateBrowser

Not only has Pirate Bay switched to a Peruvian domain to evade authorities and keep itself up and running, but a BitTorrent-powered browser is reportedly in the works that would purportedly make Pirate Bay domain seizures obsolete.

Google stonewalls access to Pirate Bay Chrome browser extension, more

If you use Google Chrome browser extension in order to sift through your favorite torrent sites to find stuff, your task just got tougher. But only very, very, very..very slightly tougher.

New Chrome beta helps you find that annoying tab that’s auto-playing music or ads

Auto-playing advertisements and songs can be a pain, but the latest version of Chrome beta includes alerts that help you find which browser tab the annoyance is coming from. Read more here.

Kids: Your illicit Chrome and Chromebook use may soon come to an end

Definitely useful for parents attempting to keep track of their child's Web usage, Google is launching a new parental control feature for both Google Chrome and Chromebook hardware.

Lay off Chrome – Firefox has the same password security ‘flaw’

Google Chrome has come under fire for a so-called 'flaw' in its saved password security that allows anyone with physical access to your computer to see your credentials. Why? It's been that way for ages, and Firefox does the same thing.

Chrome for iOS update brings tighter integration with Google apps and more

If you're an iOS user that loves to live inside your suite of Google apps, then the latest Chrome update is the one for you. Rolled out Wednesday, the revamped mobile browser now offers tighter integration with Google apps and one-click…

Chrome Experiment’s ‘Cube Slam’ lets you smash your friends ‘Pong’-style via video

Google's latest Chrome Experimenta,'Cube Slam' was released yesterday. It's built with WebRTC, which lets you play against friends via video without needing to install any plug-ins. If you miss 'Pong,' you'll definitely want to try this…

Chrome Experiment’s ‘Roll It’ turns your browser into a Skee-Ball machine

Google's newest Chrome Experiment game is a 3D version of Skee-Ball that allows players to use their smartphone as the controller. Don't toss the phone too hard or you might break your computer screen!

‘Okay, Google’: Voice search goes live with latest version of Chrome

The "conversational search" feature that Google demoed at I/O is now available with version 27 of the Chrome browser, which lets you use your voice to search the Web and Google will speak its answers back to you.

Google brings Chrome OS App Launcher to OS X, download the beta now

The beta Chrome app launcher is now available on Mac OS X, which is designed for users who want to access Google apps like Gmail, Drive and the Google Play store directly from their desktop.