Google adding built-in Chromecast streaming options to Chrome browser

Chromecast users will now find a Cast command built into the Chrome browser, rather than having to download an extension -- and there's more new functionality on its way as well.
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The answer to why Amazon shunned Apple TV and Chromecast only creates more questions

Are you still struggling with the fact that Amazon Prime Video isn't available on Apple TV, Chromecast, or even Android TV? Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos tried to tell us why, but we don't feel any better about it.
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Google is bringing its Cast technology to Fiber TV Boxes

If you're a Google Fiber TV customer, you'll soon be able to cast content from apps like Netflix and HBO straight to your Fiber TV Box. Google is rolling out the update for free to subscribers.
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Google has officially discontinued the Nexus Player, its set-top box

The Android TV platform may be going strong, but the Nexus Player isn't -- in fact, as of Tuesday, the device has been discontinued. It's unknown exactly why the device has been discontinued.

Google’s Android Experiments winners include a game based entirely in notifications

Google has announced the winners for this year's Android Experiments competition, which include an Android phone-based robot, a phone-based 3D controller, and a game that takes place entirely in Android's notifications.
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Swordfight! Streaming sticks from Google, Roku, and Amazon compared

Which streaming stick reigns supreme? We compare the features and performance of the most popular HDMI dongles to help you decide which one might be best for your needs.

Everything you need to know about the ridiculously affordable Google Chromecast

Google's Chromecast is a puck-like device you plug into your HDTV's HDMI port, one that allows you to stream content from your tablet, laptop, or smartphone directly to your TV. Here's what you need to know.
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Become a master caster with these Google Chromecast tips and tricks

Google's Chromecast streaming stick is taking over living rooms as a budget-friendly option for cord cutters. We've put together a list of our favorite tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Google's impressive device.
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Google rebrands Chromecast App as Google Cast

The technology behind Chromecast initially began with TVs, but then expanded to speakers. As a result, Google is rebranding the Chromecast app as Google Cast, to reflect the technology's versatility.
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King Chromecast: Google's device was the highest selling streamer of 2015

Google's Chromecast sold more devices than all of its streaming competitors last year, with the $35 device accounting for 35 percent of all 42 million streaming devices sold in 2015.
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Google may be teaming up with Vizio to release Chromecast-enabled TVs

Google's reportedly teaming up with TV maker Vizio to release Chromecast-enabled television sets later this year, according to Variety. Google has also approached other manufacturers with the idea.

Subscribe to Spotify Premium and get a free Chromecast

On Wednesday, the music streaming service Spotify announced a new promotion that gives subscribers a Chromecast for free when they sign up for three months of Spotify premium for just $29.97.