Looking for a change this year? Try one out on your hair with Madison Reed

Madison Reed, a "prestige hair color brand," is on the up and up, fresh off a new $13 million funding round, its first physical location -- the Madison Reed Color Bar in Manhattan -- and the hiring of a new chief marketing officer.

Philips SceneSwitch LED bulbs make mood lighting easier than ever

Mood lighting has never been this easy to achieve. Thanks to the new SceneSwitch LED bulbs from Philips Hue, you can change the color (or really, the hue) of your lights with nothing more than the flick of a switch.

‘Paint’ walls a different color with this simple Photoshop trick

Aaron Nace of Phlearn breaks down how you can change the colors of walls in photographs using a few simple steps in Photoshop. With the help of selection tools and a few adjustment layers, you can easily turn your brown walls…

Cinema Palettes shows how colors are used to set mood of iconic films

The Cinema Palettes Twitter account showcases still shots of iconic films alongside the color palettes that make up the mood of the movie. The films profiled include those from past and present.
Cool Tech

Incredible DIY synesthesia mask gives you the ability to smell colors — without taking drugs

Zachary Howard invented a synesthesia mask that lets you simulate what it's like to smell color, one of the many types of crossed senses that synesthetes experience. Thanks to Howard's step-by-step instructions, now you can make…

Need to find your wall’s paint color? SwatchMate Cube can do that and more

The SwatchMate Cube, which is priced $180, is designed to capture color in the physical world. It can store up to 20 hues on its onboard memory, and colors can be transferred to Android and iOS devices via Bluetooth.

Color? Control? China? What does the C in iPhone 5C stand for?

The Apple iPhone 5C is coming, we think, but what does the C stand for? According to some, it's Color or Cheap, but upon examination, it could mean several other things, all of which give us a hint of its thinking behind the device.

New report suggests iPhone 5S and low-cost iPhone to launch in range of colors – including gold

On Thursday Samsung said its flagship Galaxy S4 handset would soon launch in a range of new colors. Today another report emerged suggesting the next-generation iPhone will follow suit, with a gold option a possibility.

iPhone 5S: More talk of multiple colors with August launch possible

A report Tuesday suggests Apple will finally break open a new pot of paint with the 5S and offer the handset in a new color. The news comes from a Japanese website which has called it right in the past with forthcoming Apple products.
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It’s time to say goodbye to the startups and Web products 2012 was not so good to

It's time to welcome the new year, and that means paying our respects to some of the apps, social networks, and websites that didn't live to see 2013 - or at least won't see much it. Farewell, and good luck to your developers in the coming…

Will Lightt fade in Instagram’s shadow or could its future make it more than just another image app?

Lightt is a new take on content sharing, producing animated GIF-like video clips of the world as you're seeing it. Will the platform prosper thanks to a future integration or is it doomed to fall on Instagram's sword?