Comcast and Time Warner continue to grow despite consumer complaints

New market research shows that Comcast and Time Warner Cable are still gaining most new customers in cable broadband while fiber's growth is struggling to gain as much ground.

Comcast targets cord cutters with data cap dodging Stream TV

Comcast's latest attempt to woo cord cutters is a streaming TV service offered exclusive to its Internet-only customers, which allows users to dodge the company's often-criticized data caps.
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Live streaming virtual reality startup NextVR gets a boost from Comcast and Time Warner

Media companies Comcast and Time Warner are making a big investment in virtual reality, contributing to a $30.5 million round of funding for live virtual reality content provider NextVR.

590K Comcast emails and passwords go on sale online

Around 200,000 Comcast customers had their passwords reset after 600,000 login details went up for sale on a dark Web marketplace. Only about a third of them were still active, valid accounts.

The sky is not the limit: Comcast puts data caps on customers in selected markets

Despite the fact that 4K streaming to the masses is on the horizon, Comcast is continuing to push its data cap policies on existing unlimited customers in new areas, charging them a premium or face restricted download limits.

Comcast may want to be your next wireless carrier

Potentially packaging wireless carrier service with cable and Internet services, Comcast is investigating the possibility of building a wireless service by taking a peek inside Verizon.

Comcast is charging people $30 fees to avoid capped data

If you pay for an unlimited package, it would be insulting to be asked to pay more just to remain using the same one, but that's what Comcast is demanding of some customers who want to avoid a new 300GB cap on its data.
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Comcast’s YouTube rival is just weeks away

Watching television on your smart living room set is becoming identical to watching video on your laptop or smartphone, and Comcast's newest venture is proof. Its YouTube rival is expected to launch soon.

Comcast’s low-cost Internet Essentials is getting a speedy upgrade

In an upgrade the many consider long overdue, the telecommunications company Comcast is boosting its low-cost Internet Essentials program, increasing the speed of the connection to 10 Mbps.

Customers flood the FCC with thousands of Net neutrality complaints

Internet users are demanding that the Federal Communications Commission crack down on Internet service providers to enforce the new Net neutrality law. Many want to end data caps and overage charges.
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Comcast blocks new Sling TV ads painting cablers as bullies

Sling TV's new ad campaign pokes fun at the "Old TV" establishment for bullying its customers, but that hasn't stopped one cable behemoth from continuing to throw its weight around.

Internet overtakes television as Comcast’s main business

While Comcast may have begun as a cable provider, its main business is now Internet, boasting 22.5 million Internet subscribers and 22.3 million video customers as per its second quarter results.