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YouTube is the latest streaming service to land on Comcast’s Xfinity X1 platform

On Monday, Comcast and Google announced that YouTube will is coming this year for subscribers of Comcast's Xfinity X1 service, following previously added services like Netflix and Sling TV.
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Comcast’s Xfinity Stream app will offer remote access to DVR recordings

Ideal for anyone that's currently a Comcast subscriber, the cable giant is launching a new mobile app that offers access to live TV streams as well as video content currently stored on the DVR.

Ad board: Comcast can no longer claim to have “fastest internet in America”

As per a recent ruling from the National Advertising Review Board, Comcast can no longer purport to deliver "the fastest internet in America" or the "fastest in-home WiFi" because the company does not have sufficient evidence
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Comcast is bringing Xfinity TV to Roku, but you’ll still need your cable box

Xfinity TV subscribers who also own one or more Roku players will soon have one less remote to keep track of, as Comcast and Roku announced today that an Xfinity TV app is coming soon for Roku, and a beta is available now.

As AT&T makes major acquisitions, Verizon may be mulling one of its own

It looks like Verizon could be prepping another major acquisition -- company CEO Lowell McAdams is reportedly interested in buying a major cable company like Comcast or Charter.

Comcast's Digital Home offers an improved gateway with smart home capabilities

Available later this year, the new Digital Home Wi-Fi gateway will have the capability to deliver up to nine gigabits per second of bandwidth inside the home. It will also play nice with many Wi-Fi capable smart devices.
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An unlikely partnership sees Sling TV heading to Comcast’s X1 platform

In a deal that wasn’t exactly easy to see coming, Sling TV has announced that it will launch on Comcast’s cloud-based X1 platform, bringing more than 425 channels, including many multicultural packages.
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Returned your Note 7? Good, now steer clear of your Samsung clothes washer 2:30

Also today: action-cam icon GoPro hopes Karma drone and new camera will reverse stock slide, Netflix hits Comcast X1 cable boxes next week.

FCC slaps Comcast with $2.3 million fine, its biggest ever for a cable company

Comcast has been hit with the biggest cable fine the FCC has ever issued, this time over cramming, or charging customers for equipment they weren't aware of. The company will also have to change some of its business practices.
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Comcast to enforce 1TB data caps in 12 new states, expand reach in 6 others 2:47

The broadband internet provider will begin enforcing the data cap in November, claiming 99% of its customers never exceed that amount

Comcast begins planned expansion of 1TB data cap for internet customers

Comcast has detailed plans to expand its 1-terabyte internet usage cap to 18 more markets, prompting questions about whether the limit will become unduly restrictive in the near future.
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Cord-cutters may cost cable companies $1 billion over the next year

As costs for premium television subscriptions have risen by about 40 percent over the last five years, it appears as it more consumers will be cutting the cord in favor of streaming video.