New Images from HBO’s Westworld turn the Wild West into a robot-staffed theme park

Among the developments from Comic-Con was a collection of images from the upcoming HBO show Westworld, a sci-fi series centered around a Wild West theme park in which automatons carry out visitors' wild/twisted fantasies

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Game of Thrones dominates Comic-Con, which is less about comics, more about TV these days

When it comes to digital consumption related to Comic-Con, Game of Thrones beat out all comic book and sci-fi programs and movies for the top spot.

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New Batman v Superman trailer wows Comic-Con

Warner Bros. has posted the second trailer for the upcoming Batman v Superman film, which gives us a better understanding of Bruce Wayne's motivations and a first look at Wonder Woman.

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Watch Ubisoft’s new parkour-powered promo for Assassin’s Creed: Unity

The latest promotional clip for Assassin's Creed: Unity features professional free-runners, the city of Paris and some impressive rooftop acrobatics. The game itself is due out in three months.


Google Glass gets banned from Comic-Con screenings

Comic-Con announced that Google Glass would not be permitted in screenings that take place during panels. The same goes for prescription-based Google Glasses. However, it seems that you can still walk around the convention with Glass on.

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Gamer’s guide to Comic-Con: Here’s what to watch next week

Next week in San Diego, Comic-Con International will once again become the thriving hub of all things geeky, including video games. To spare you the effort of poring over the complete schedule of panels and events, we’ve compiled all of the gaming…


Looking back on 60 years of Godzilla before he tears down the city again in 2014

With the “King of the Monsters” returning to the big screen later this year after a decade long absence, we look back at the 60 year history of Godzilla, from his time on film, TV, comics, and video games.


Good deal: Get digital versions of debut Marvel comics for free

Marvel has announced that it will be offering digital versions of debut comics to users for download at no cost, for a limited time. The offer is to help promote the introduction of music to future digital downloads.


Lionsgate offers up one long minute of Dredd

Thanks to Comic Con, we've got our first clip from Dredd: A minute-long vignette chock full of violence.

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Capcom thinks big with sprawling open worlds in Dragon’s Dogma

Capcom’s first open-world game, Dragon’s Dogma, combines massive environments and open-ended gameplay with nonstop action.


Resident Evil franchise balloons with new games, HD remakes, movies

Capcom will kick its venerable Resident Evil franchise into high gear in coming months with Resident Evil 6, high-def remakes of classic titles, and two new movies.


SoulCalibur V welcomes a new generation of souls in this new trailer

Namco released a new trailer at Comic-Con for its upcoming fighting sequel, SoulCalibur 5.


Avengers cast assembles in seven-part banner

Individual "Avengers" promo posters combine to form very cool full-cast roster art.

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Steven Soderbergh’s Haywire trailer debuts

Director Steven Soderbergh returns with a spy story complete with betrayals, revenge and female MMA star Gina Carano.

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Interview: Stan Lee talks comics, computers and Comic-Con

The archduke of the Marvel empire shares his thoughts on the future of digital comics, his most indispensable gadget, and how Marvel will adapt the superhero model overseas.