Report reveals Apple trademark filings for 'AirPods,' 'Iris Engine'

An exhaustive report has revealed a number of previously undisclosed Apple trademarks, including several which refer to an "AirPods," an "Iris Engine," "Apple Swift Lab," and "Apple Smart View."

Free service protects your images through the use of blockchain technology

Blockai is a new, free online service that uses Bitcoin-inspired blockchain technology to keep tabs on when and where your photographs are being used online through digital encryption.

Long Island couple sues over copyrighted mansion design

After a neighbor copied the design of one Long Island couple's dream home in the village of Lawrence, Seth and Rivka Fortgang filed a lawsuit to protect their design. The house itself is valued at $1.48 million.
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Snapchat under fire for allegedly copying work of popular makeup artists

Back in May, Snapchat was accused of “whitewashing” selfies in a couple of its filters, leading to much criticism from users. Now, the popular image-sharing app is taking heat once again over its filters for allegedly copying ideas from…

The one thing Katy Perry and Taylor Swift agree on: The fight against YouTube

Taylor Swift, Paul McCartney and scores of other music industry professionals are calling for big reforms to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which allows YouTube to run wild with illegal tunes.

EU court says that linking to copyrighted material doesn’t count as infringement

The European Court of Justice’s advocate general Melchior Wathelet says that linking to copyrighted material isn’t itself copyright infringement, regardless of whether the material was published with permission or not.

YouTube is copying the RIAA’s legal tactics, except this time you win

To defend the legitimate reuse of copyrighted material, Google plans to raise the cost to content owners of filing baseless copyright infringement claims by defending uploaders of videos to YouTube against what it feels are baseless…

YouTube changes its tune, will now defend select channels against DMCA takedowns

YouTube will defend select video creators from DMCA abuse with a new $1 million legal protection fund. This follows growing DMCA takedowns by unregistered groups, which hurt a YouTube channel's revenue.

Google book scanning counts as ‘fair use’ says appeals court

A U.S. court dismisses authors' claims that Google Books infringes on copyright and affects their income — which means the project can continue and the online portal can remain in use.

‘Happy Birthday’ song loses copyright, now in public domain

Definitely a blow to Warner/Chappell Music, a federal judge has issued a decision that the copyright on the 'Happy Birthday' song can no longer be enforced and used to collect royalty fees.

Accused of copyright infringement, Kim Dotcom’s U.S. extradition hearing finally gets going

Kim Dotcom is finally in the court, after years of delays, which will decide if he is to be extradited to the United States, where he and three others will face charges of copyright infringement, and criminal conspiracy.

Mario betrays some of his most devoted fans with new YouTube copyright claims

Nintendo is targeting speedrunners and modders in a new round of YouTube copyright claims, issuing video takedown requests to users who post footage from modified Super Mario World levels.