EU court says that linking to copyrighted material doesn’t count as infringement

The European Court of Justice’s advocate general Melchior Wathelet says that linking to copyrighted material isn’t itself copyright infringement, regardless of whether the material was published with permission or not.

YouTube is copying the RIAA’s legal tactics, except this time you win

To defend the legitimate reuse of copyrighted material, Google plans to raise the cost to content owners of filing baseless copyright infringement claims by defending uploaders of videos to YouTube against what it feels are baseless…

YouTube changes its tune, will now defend select channels against DMCA takedowns

YouTube will defend select video creators from DMCA abuse with a new $1 million legal protection fund. This follows growing DMCA takedowns by unregistered groups, which hurt a YouTube channel's revenue.

Google book scanning counts as ‘fair use’ says appeals court

A U.S. court dismisses authors' claims that Google Books infringes on copyright and affects their income — which means the project can continue and the online portal can remain in use.

‘Happy Birthday’ song loses copyright, now in public domain

Definitely a blow to Warner/Chappell Music, a federal judge has issued a decision that the copyright on the 'Happy Birthday' song can no longer be enforced and used to collect royalty fees.

Accused of copyright infringement, Kim Dotcom’s U.S. extradition hearing finally gets going

Kim Dotcom is finally in the court, after years of delays, which will decide if he is to be extradited to the United States, where he and three others will face charges of copyright infringement, and criminal conspiracy.

Mario betrays some of his most devoted fans with new YouTube copyright claims

Nintendo is targeting speedrunners and modders in a new round of YouTube copyright claims, issuing video takedown requests to users who post footage from modified Super Mario World levels.

Popcorn Time says Hollywood is far too greedy

Internet users are turning to illegal means for their movie and television fixes because the authorized alternatives are hampered by restrictions and high prices, say some of the Popcorn Time team.

Happy Birthday song may soon be free of charge thanks to court case

Warner Music holds the alleged copyright to the ubiquitous tune "Happy Birthday to You," but a filmmaker is battling to bring it into the public domain, which would allow movies and TV shows to use the song instead of the usual odd…
Social Media

Twitter deletes tweets that include the text of stolen jokes, points to copyright policy

Did you hear the one about Twitter deleting tweets because they were reported as stolen jokes? The company is cracking down on joke theft and it’s using the notorious DMCA as justification for deleting jokes reported as stolen, no…

The Pirate Bay Four escape the law: founders acquitted of copyright charges in Belgium

Their torrenting site may be one of the most notorious in the world, but the founders of Pirate Bay have been acquitted of all crimes related to criminal copyright infringement and abuse of electronic communications by a Belgian court.

Rand Paul’s campaign could use a YouTube tutorial after presidential announcement flagged, removed

Someone in the Rand Paul campaign must have forgotten how YouTube works, because the senator's presidential announcement video was flagged and promptly removed by the service's Content ID system.