Popcorn Time says Hollywood is far too greedy

Internet users are turning to illegal means for their movie and television fixes because the authorized alternatives are hampered by restrictions and high prices, say some of the Popcorn Time team.


Happy Birthday song may soon be free of charge thanks to court case

Warner Music holds the alleged copyright to the ubiquitous tune "Happy Birthday to You," but a filmmaker is battling to bring it into the public domain, which would allow movies and TV shows to use the song instead of the usual odd stand-in.


Twitter deletes tweets that include the text of stolen jokes, points to copyright policy

Did you hear the one about Twitter deleting tweets because they were reported as stolen jokes? The company is cracking down on joke theft and it’s using the notorious DMCA as justification for deleting jokes reported as stolen, no questions asked.

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The Pirate Bay Four escape the law: founders acquitted of copyright charges in Belgium

Their torrenting site may be one of the most notorious in the world, but the founders of Pirate Bay have been acquitted of all crimes related to criminal copyright infringement and abuse of electronic communications by a Belgian court.


Rand Paul’s campaign could use a YouTube tutorial after presidential announcement flagged, removed

Someone in the Rand Paul campaign must have forgotten how YouTube works, because the senator's presidential announcement video was flagged and promptly removed by the service's Content ID system.


RIAA escalates piracy witchhunt, points its pitchfork at domain registrars

The RIAA's latest battle in the pursuit of stopping music piracy is against an unlikely target: the companies that offer domain name services.


Wikimedia refuses claim to delete a selfie taken by a monkey

Potentially a case for the legal system, a British wildlife photographer is in a dispute with the owners of Wikipedia over the validity of a copyright on a picture that was taken by a primate.


Who owns the Manhattan skyline? One NYC agency thinks it does

The Port Authority in New York City has sent a cease-and-desist letter to a shop selling housewares, saying an image of the city skyline used on dinner plates infringes on the agency's assets and reputation.


Pandora sued by US music labels over royalties for pre-1972 tracks

Five music labels are suing Pandora, accusing it of failing to pay royalties on music used by its service that was recorded before 1972. The labels describe it as "massive commercial exploitation" while Pandora says it's "confident" in its legal position.


Cash for Glass: MPAA dangles $500 for theater employees who rat out cam bandits

The recent detainment of an moviegoer wearing Google Glass wasn't a fluke – it's part of an MPAA program that offers theater works up to $500 for a job well done. Here's a look inside the MPAA's "zero tolerance" Take Action! program.


Hotfile agrees to pay movie studios $80 million in copyright case settlement

Hotfile has agreed to pay US movie studios $80 million in a copyright case settlement, and will terminate its 'cyberlocker' operations unless it "employs copyright filtering technologies that prevent infringement."


Rap Genius goes legit (and makes music lobbyists happy)

Musicians' rights activist David Lowery has sharp words for Rap Genius, but the website may get back in his good graces as they continue licensing lyrics.

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Forget the war over downloading music, the fight over reading it has begun and Rap Genius is in trouble

The NMPA recently sent takedown notices to fifty websites that reproduce song lyrics, including Rap Genius, the up-and-coming 'Wikipedia for Rap.'

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Just when Aereo thought it was out, FilmOn pulled it back in

In the latest of a slew of courtroom battles, a D.C. District Court judge has ruled against FilmOn for violating copyright laws by transmitting broadcast TV over the internet, which could lead both FilmOn and rival Aereo to a battle against TV broadcasters in…

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Spotify is being sued for letting you make playlists

Can you copyright curated content? That's the question at the heart of a lawsuit filed against Spotify by U.K.-based dance music brand Ministry of Sound, which claims the streaming service violates the copyright of its compilation albums by allowing users to…