DC Universe Online

‘DC Universe Online’s’ executive producer talks moving to the PS4

DC Universe Online keeps rolling out new content, and the game will be coming to the PlayStation 4 with some new innovations.

PlayStation 4’s F2P launch lineup adds ‘Warframe,’ ‘DCUO,’ ‘PlanetSide 2’

Sony's free-to-play games offering on the PlayStation 4 grows, with three more titles headed to the console at or close to launch: Digital Extremes' 'Warframe,' plus 'PlanetSide 2' and 'DC Universe Online,' both from Sony Online…

DC Universe Online on PS3 proves console MMOs can be profitable says SOE

Free-to-play online games are where the money is but how do you get people playing on non-PC platforms? SOE and DC Universe Online say: PS3.

DC Universe Online attracts 1 million new players after dropping subscription requirement

Switch to free-to-play model prompts massive surge of new players for DC Universe Online.

World of Warcraft user base continues to tumble

While MMORPG players are rapidly adopting free-to-play games like DC Universe Online, the World of Warcraft subscriber base is continuing to bleed players.

DC Universe Online will go free-to-play on November 1

Sony Online Entertainment reveals the date DC Universe Online will cross over to a free-to-play model.

DC Universe Online to do away with subscription fees

The PS3 and PC MMORPG from Sony Online Entertainment, DC Universe Online, will soon offer three new gameplans, including two that grant players free online access.

Comic-book legend Jim Lee talks games, Green Lantern and the Con

DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee knows comics, games, has been helping splice the two together for years. In our exclusive interview, Lee reveals how 3D has helped tell stories, the role of tablets in rejuvenating comics, and why motion…

Green Lantern Expansion Coming To SOE’s DC Universe Online

Sony Online Entertainment announces the upcoming first DLC pack for DC Universe Online, based around the exploits of Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps.

DC Universe Online releases awesome new CGI trailer

Sony Online Entertainment has released a new, fully CGI trailer, “Fractured Future”, for the game DC universe Online, which is in stores now.

DC Universe Online given release date

After several delays SOE has confirmed that the MMORPG based on the DC universe will be released on January 11, 2011 on PC and PS3.

DC Universe Online delayed until 2011

DC Universe Online will not be shipping in November. Sony has announced that the game will be delayed until early 2011, but the beta testing will continue.