Dell’s sleek new XPS Tower desktops can game, and look good doing it

Dell just launched its new XPS Tower and XPS Tower VR desktops, providing students with plenty of power for system-intensive applications (and a little PC gaming too). The Special Edition model is certified for the Rift and HTC Vive.

Dell's new, affordable gaming monitor packs FreeSync, is a perfect partner for the RX 470

Dell has updated its storefront with a new 27-inch monitor packing AMD's FreeSync technology. The display's low price should make it an appealing accompaniment to AMD's new, affordable RX series of video cards.

Dell just patched a nasty bug that might have left your work PC exposed

Dell issued hotfixes patching vulnerabilities found in SonicWALL Global Management System and SonicWALL Analyzer, revealed by security firm Digital Defense. Several vulnerabilities allowed hackers to change the administrator's password.

Dell discontinuing Venue series, will no longer make Android tablets

Say goodbye to the Dell Venue series. The company will no longer be selling or supporting the Android tablets. That's not to say it's the end for Android and Dell, it just means the company is focusing on Windows 2-in-1s for now.

70-inch Dell touchscreen is at home in conference rooms, classrooms

The Dell C7016T 70-inch conference room or classroom touchscreen monitor supports several people working at the display with its 10-point touch capability and 176-degree viewing angle.

Looking to buy a new laptop? The answer is Dell's XPS 13

The latest generation of mobile hardware provides excellent battery life, brilliant display quality and outstanding performance, often at the same time. But you only need one laptop — and we know which you should buy.

Security researchers find several high-risk bloatware bugs on popular laptops

A new report from security researchers finds that many laptops by HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, and Acer have buggy bloatware installed that could leave systems vulnerable to hacking and remote control.

Dell refreshes its Inspiron family of 2-in-1s and notebooks at Computex 2016

Dell revealed a refreshed lineup of Inspiron 2-in-1 hybrids and laptops that arenow available. This includes the world's first 17-inch 2-in-1 solution with 1,920 x 1,080 resolution.

Did your last laptop break too soon? Here’s where you can find a reliable replacement

Wondering which laptop brands are the most reliable in the long run? Check out our roundup of some of the most dependable manufacturers on the market, so you can opt for a machine that won't break down within a year.

Dell's huge P4317Q is the newest multi-client monitor in town

Dell has unleashed the P4317Q, or what it calls the Dell 43 Multi-Client Monitor. It features a 43-inch screen and inputs to support four clients. There are also a handful of USB 3.0 ports for adding peripherals and charging a mobile…

Microsoft "emulates" Windows 10 with a new demo site for potential customers

Microsoft has launched a new "demo" site for Windows 10, allowing potential customers to see what the new operating system is all about. The site features a library of videos demonstrating Windows 10 running on a PC, a tablet, and a…

Where’s the bottom? PC sales continue to plummet in 2016

New sales research demonstrates the continuing slide of PC adoption, as even major manufacturers like Lenovo, HP, and Dell fail to buck the worldwide trend of diminished sales growth.