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A look inside Betaworks, the behind-the-scenes builder of Internet magic

How a tech company that builds, buys, and invests in companies is racking up one impressive hot streak. So just how do they do it?
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Digg app hits Android, finally

The folks at Digg say they've been getting an earful from Android users about the lack of a Digg app for their mobile devices, though that's all set to change now that the company has finally delivered.

Sorry Reddit, Digg’s new model proves community rule is overrated

Reddit no longer deserves its place as the "front page of the Internet." It is drowning beneath a tidal wave of crappy user-generated content. And Digg, on the other hand, has proven itself to be a worthy replacement.

Digg Reader coming June 26, just before Google Reader shutters for good on July 1

Good news, RSS feed users: Digg Reader will be ready for migrating all your feeds by June 26, which gives you exactly five days to get used to your new home before Google Reader goes dark.

Why was Digg de- and then relisted by Google?

Earlier today. searching for Digg.com on Google was an exercise in futility. The issue has since been fixed and Digg reindexed, but you can't help but wonder what the culprit could have been.

Whew! Digg is building a replacement for Google Reader

Google Reader will be put to rest by July 1, but Digg plans to fill the void with a its own reader that incorporates the best features of Google Reader, with tweaks that make it better suited to the "Internet of 2013."
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Digg staging a comeback, doubles its users since August

Digg seems to be enjoying a resurgence. After a well-received redesign last year, folks wondered if it could return to its former glory. According to the site's developers, they've doubled its users. That's definitely a start
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Terms & Conditions: Nothing you do on Digg is private

Social news site Digg is making a comeback with a new company and new style. Unfortunately, Digg's terms and privacy policy could use a redesign of their own.

News.me blames Twitter and withdraws iOS app from App Store to focus on Digg

News.me's team - which is part of Betworks - is shifting its focus to Digg now that the Twitter restrictions have forced the startup to rethink its priorities.
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The new Digg v.1 is open for business

The new Digg is up and running, but will it be able to compete with the incredibly crowded social news market?

Post-Betaworks acquisition, a new Digg is in the works – and it’s launching August 1

After self-destructing, Betaworks is picking up the pieces of Digg and relaunching the platform in a mere six weeks.
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Betaworks acquires Digg for meager $500,000

Digg has finally found a home. The social news site's remaining assets has been acquired by Betaworks for a meager $500,000, and will be folded into News.me.