Fan site says secrets of Kingdom Hearts' final chapter are hidden in box art

Nearly a decade since the last main series entry, anticipation for 'Kingdom Hearts III' has reached a fever pitch as we approach a possible 2017 release. Here is everything we know so far.
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A Whole New World: Guy Ritchie tapped to direct live-action 'Aladdin' remake

Snatch and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. director Guy Ritchie has been tapped to helm the upcoming live-action remake of the animated Disney classic Aladdin. There is currently no official title, casting announcement, or release date.
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Google and Disney have reportedly both dropped plans for a Twitter bid

As reports on Wednesday suggested Twitter is keen to seal a deal regarding its future by the end of this month, various sources claimed two of the biggest companies thought to be interested in making a bid – Google and Disney – have now…

Wall Street rumor: Is Disney interested in bringing Netflix into the fold?

A Wall Street rumor has the House of Mouse interested in purchasing internet streaming video giant Netflix. The two companies have been friendly during Netflix's Marvel-show era.
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Jon Favreau teams up with Disney again to direct live-action ‘The Lion King’

Disney has plans for another live-action/CG version of a classic film. This time, 'The Lion King' will be reimagined, and 'Jungle Book' director Jon Favreau is set to helm the project.
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Report: Disney seriously considering Twitter takeover bid

The Twitter takeover chatter rages on, with the Walt Disney Co.emerging as a potential savior for the struggling social media platform. As it turns out, the Twitter-Disney connection runs deep, and could make sense under CEO Bob Iger.

Disney princesses heading to your smartphone with ‘Charmed Adventures’

Disney has launched a new app for both Android and iOS called Disney Princesses: Charmed Adventures, which allows you to play a series of minigames and collect charms for your bracelet.
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Marvel, ‘Captain America: Civil War’ get parodied in the newest Honest Trailer

The latest video in Screen Junkie's Honest Trailers series is here, and this time, it's Marvel's Captain America: Civil War in the spotlight. The trailer parodies the superhero flick and its similarities to Batman v Superman: Dawn of…
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Mysteries of Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’ remain, but its runtime has been revealed

Marvel's Doctor Strange is coming to theaters this fall, so it's time to start planning. That task has just gotten a little easier now that the superhero film's runtime has been revealed.
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Vin Diesel reveals the Guardians of the Galaxy are coming to ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 isn't due out till 2017, but the superhero team already has its next movie beyond that lined up. Vin Diesel revealed that they'll appear in 2018's Avengers: Infinity War.
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Disney’s new billion-dollar purchase tees up stand-alone ESPN streaming service

Disney has acquired a big stake in MLB's prospective video spinoff, BAM Tech. The company streams video for large clients, including Disney-owned WatchESPN, and will partner with Disney for a stand-alone ESPN streaming service.
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Disney wants to stick projectors on drones and fly them in its parks

Disney parks and drones could be a match made in heaven, the flying machines presenting a myriad of possibilities for the entertainment giant. And a patent for a quadcopter with an attached projector shows it already has some ideas up its…