Little-seen Zelda sequel finds new life on Wii U Virtual Console

Nintendo's latest cross-platform digital lineup marks the return of a classic game in The Legend of Zelda series that, until this week, remained exclusive to legacy Nintendo DS consoles.

Infinity proves fleeting as Disney exits console game publishing, shutters developer

Disney has halted development of its multiplatform Disney Infinity games, ending production of all tie-in figures and shuttering series developer Avalanche Software as part of its announced withdrawal from the console gaming industry.
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There’s now a petition to stop Disney from ‘paying critics’

The latest drama in film revolves around whether or not Disney is paying film critics to pan movies outside of the Marvel Comics Universe (MCU0. And now, there's a Change.org petition, titled "Stop Disney from paying critics."
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ESPN and Verizon reach settlement in FiOS Custom TV lawsuit

Last year, shortly after Verizon introduced its FiOS Custom TV skinny bundles, ESPN sued over its channels being relegated to a separate sports package. Now the two companies have settled, though the terms haven't been disclosed.
Cool Tech

Disney scanner identifies devices from electromagnetic signals

A Disney research team has developed a scanner that can identify any electronic device by its unique electromagnetic signal, all the way down to individual examples of the same model.
Social Media

Frozen’s Elsa at center of social media backlash against Disney’s LGBT failings

Disney has been noted as one of the worst offenders when it comes to LGBT representation in film, according to a new study by GLAAD. The studio is being taken to task on Twitter, with users nominating Frozen's Elsa as its first LGBT…
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Update: NBCUniversal joins Fox, Disney in talks to build out Hulu’s live TV service

Hulu is reportedly planning an Internet TV service for cord cutters with a platform that allows you to stream both broadcast and cable channels. Disney-ABC, NBCUniversal and Fox are expected to be part of the service.
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Itching for a look at Star Wars: Episode VIII? Director Rian Johnson delivers again

Rian Johnson is winning himself points with Star Wars fans. The Episode VIII director recently shared two more set photos on his Tumblr account, marking the halfway point in shooting.
Virtual Reality

Disney poised to make virtual reality history at the 2016 Radio Disney Music Awards

Radio Disney has teamed up with immersive virtual reality company IM360 to live-stream the red carpet of the 2016 Radio Disney Music Awards a day before it airs on Disney Channel. This marks the first time a red carpet has streamed in VR…
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Just how big will Captain America: Civil War’s box office debut be?

Moviegoers will get an epic battle in Captain America: Civil War, but the film should score an easy box office win its opening weekend. Marvel and Disney's latest superhero flick is expected to impress, both in the U.S. and internationally.

Disney agrees to use Nokia’s OZO camera for VR content related to its movies

Nokia and The Walt Disney Studios have reached an agreement for the latter to use Nokia's new OZO virtual reality camera to make movie-related content. The OZO VR camera launched back in November for professionals here in the States…
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Sling TV’s new $20 bundle features Fox, but omits ESPN

Dish Network's Sling TV has netted a partial win for potential subscribers: a bundle with 21st Century Fox channels and multi-device streaming. But the new $20 offering omits Disney content.