HP takes Star Wars branding to the Dark Side with this Empire-themed notebook

If you just can't get enough Star Wars stuff, HP has a special edition laptop that will have you feeling the force again in no time. The HP Star Wars notebook will be available for pre-order on October 8th.
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Marvel’s Black Panther is reportedly closing in on writer Joe Robert Cole

Marvel's Black Panther still needs a writer, but Joe Robert Cole is reportedly in talks to pen the movie. Cole was part of Marvel's in-house writing program and wrote and directed 2011's Amber Lake.
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Finding Nemo meets Land Before Time in the new trailer for Disney’s The Good Dinosaur

Disney/Pixar have released a second trailer to the studios' upcoming animated film The Good Dinosaur, which showcases new audio, and more of the same beautiful scenery we saw in the first preview.
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A whole new world: Disney app renders coloring book pages as 3D images

Using technology provided by the Unity game engine, the Disney Research project has developed an app that will allow you to see what your 2D drawings (or colorings, more precisely) look like as 3D animations.
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Disney’s new 3D printed skin makes robots softer and safer for children

Disney hopes to improve robots with a new soft skin and soft touch system that'll bring the lovable and huggable qualities of Betamax to toy robots around the world.
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This is definitely the droid you’re looking for: Hands-on with Sphero’s BB-8 toy 2:09

Everyone loves the new BB-8 droid set to appear in the forthcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens, so when we got the chance to play with Sphero’s version, made in partnership with Disney, we jumped at it.
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Construction of Star Wars Land at Disney parks begins in 2016

Definitely excellent news for anyone that's a huge fan of the Star Wars films, Disney is expected to start constructing the Star Wars Land sections of Disneyland and Disneyworld next year.

A toy car that lights up when it passes by an LED? Disney wants to make it happen

Disney researchers are harnessing the power of visible light communication in some prototypes for new toys. LEDs would communicate with each other to send data, resulting in some cool toys.
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DreamWorks and Steven Spielberg will reportedly part ways with Disney in 2016

DreamWorks, led by Steven Spielberg, will reportedly not renew its distribution deal with Disney when it expires next year. Although Universal Pictures seems like a good fit, a source says Spielberg will evaluate his other options.
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Dwayne Johnson teams up with Disney for Jungle Cruise

Dwayne Johnson will star in Jungle Cruise, an upcoming film based on a Disney amusement park ride. As with the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Disney hopes to find success with an attraction-based movie.
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Circle of life: The Lion King returns to reign in new Disney primetime movie, TV series

It's the circle of life, it seems, as Disney has plans to bring back The Lion King through a new primetime short movie and TV series based on Simba's son Kion and his group of friends, set to air in 2016.

Disney’s new ‘team rendering’ makes 3D animation easier

Disney Research has come up with a new way to render high-quality visuals for its animation, according to Phys.org. This method was designed to salvage pixel inaccuracies while retaining graphical detail. It's an approach which will…