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Netflix nabs Sony licensing agreement, tightens grip on animated movies in US

The leading streaming service struck a multi-year arrangement with Sony Animation Films to bring the production company's animated features in the first pay-TV window to Netflix's U.S. subscribers. The move positions Netflix with an even…
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Godzilla director and Walking Dead game writer come together for Star Wars

Disney and Lucasfilm confirm that Godzilla director Gareth Edwards and The Walking Dead game writer Gary Whitta will deliver 2016's first Star Wars spin-off.

Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes comes to PS4, Xbox One this fall

Disney reveals Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes for a fall 2014 release on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as well as iOS, PC, and Wii U.

DirecTV might mirror Dish’s Disney deal to launch its own online TV service

In the wake of an unprecedented deal between Dish Network and Disney, DirecTV hopes to have similar luck in contract re-negotiations to secure Disney content for its own online TV service. Could that someday mean ESPN without a satellite or…
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As the ink dries on Dish’s new licensing terms with Disney, CBS eyes a better deal

CBS president Les Moonves says Dish Network will have to do better than its recent deal with Disney if it wants to secure CBS content for its forthcoming online TV service. Meanwhile Dish uses AutoHop as a bargaining chip to try and create…
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Dish Network delays hopping over ABC commercials, hops into bed with Disney instead

Dish Network strikes a monumental deal with Disney, trading next-day Auto Hopping of ABC programming for lucrative access to Disney content. The agreement means Dish will have major assets with which to start its new online-programming…
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Marvel’s Netflix bound TV shows to cost a whopping $200 million

Marvel Studios and Disney are planning to spend $200 million on the upcoming Defenders TV projects, which include Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, and a Defenders mini-series.
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Disney unveils its iTunes-hosted, cloud-based film service, Disney Movies Anywhere

Despite the fact that Disney shunned the UltraViolet bandwagon years ago, the content studio is finally coming around to the "digital locker" idea with the release of its Disney Movies Anywhere service. Users will be able to store every…

Need for Speed behind-the-scenes video highlights the “Muscle Foundry”

A new trailer has been released for the upcoming Need for Speed film, based on the Electronic Arts game of the same name. The short behind-the-scenes look discusses making muscle cars competitive.
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Dish Network and Disney to kiss and makeup over Auto Hop

Dish Network and Disney are making up, according to recent reports, settling on their current legal battle over Dish Network's Auto Hop feature. The deal would end one of four lawsuits currently being waged against Dish Network by the four…

A Pixar Star Wars movie? Probably not, but imagine if…

There's a rumor that Pixar is going to develop a Star Wars movie. Whether or not you believe it's for real, we've got some killer pitches that they should check out...