Social Media

Twitter chairman Jack Dorsey joins Disney’s board to help with digital strategy

Twitter chairman and Square CEO Jack Dorsey has joined the board of media giant Disney, it was announced Monday. The co-founder of the microblogging site is set to advise Disney on its digital strategy.

Star Wars script due in January, Indiana Jones 5 a few years off

J.J. Abram and Lawrence Kasdan have until January to turn in their new script for ‘Star Wars: Episode VII,’ but it will be a few years until we see a fifth Indiana Jones film.

Bruckheimer brings Beverly Hills Cop, Top Gun sequels to Paramount

When Jerry Bruckheimer's 20-year deal with Disney comes to an end in 2014, the mega-producer will return once again to Paramount with a three-year first-look deal that promises Beverly Hills Cop and Top Gun sequels.
Movies & TV

‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ confirmed for December 18, 2015

Walt Disney Studios sets a December 18, 2015 release date for Star Wars: Episode VII. Get excited, nerds. It's on.

Disney to debut new show on tablets first, cable second

Attempting to take advantage of the tablet as a source of entertainment for small children, Disney will be rolling out a new show on the mobile space first before airing episodes on television.

Lego Star Wars mobile release, Darth Vader TV specials outed in licensing brochure

A Disney brochure for Star Wars brand licensing lays out some of the company's plans leading up to Episode VII's release, including mobile releases for the classic Lego games and Darth Vader-themed TV specials.
Home Theater

Sony and Disney to test streaming movies while still in theaters as counter-piracy measure

A new on-demand service in South Korea is a testing ground to see whether streaming movies still playing in theaters might be an effective tool to combat rampant piracy in Asia, leading to questions on whether such a model could work…

Hands-on with ‘Disney Infinity:’ combining toys, imagination, and the bizarre

Disney Infinity might look like a quick way to cash in on a toy craze, but the game is surprisingly fun, and the Toy Box mode is incredible.

Exploring the dark art of sonic sorcery in Fantasia: Music Evolved

Disney and Harmonix team up for Fantasia: Music Evolved, a Kinect-exclusive spiritual successor to the 1940 film that casts players in the role of a musical sorcerer's apprentice capable of shaping worlds through sound.
Home Theater

Disney launches Digital Copy Plus program for those who need DVD cloud backups

Disney is trying to make the digital bundle idea work better for its customers with a newly-relaunched program that will allow DVD and Blu-ray owners their choice of Amazon, iTunes or Vudu downloads after buying physical copies.

EA will reveal its plans for Star Wars at E3

EA will give "a first look" at its plans for Star Wars at E3, EA Labels president Frank Gibeau writes. And now that the Xbox One has been announced, the company has plenty to share.

Five corners of the Star Wars universe that you didn’t know about

Electronic Arts is now locked into a multi-year partnership with Disney that will see some of the publisher's top studios delivering Star Wars games. Here are some of the Expanded Universe locations we'd like to see visited.