A toy car that lights up when it passes by an LED? Disney wants to make it happen

Disney researchers are harnessing the power of visible light communication in some prototypes for new toys. LEDs would communicate with each other to send data, resulting in some cool toys.
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DreamWorks and Steven Spielberg will reportedly part ways with Disney in 2016

DreamWorks, led by Steven Spielberg, will reportedly not renew its distribution deal with Disney when it expires next year. Although Universal Pictures seems like a good fit, a source says Spielberg will evaluate his other options.
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Dwayne Johnson teams up with Disney for Jungle Cruise

Dwayne Johnson will star in Jungle Cruise, an upcoming film based on a Disney amusement park ride. As with the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Disney hopes to find success with an attraction-based movie.
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Circle of life: The Lion King returns to reign in new Disney primetime movie, TV series

It's the circle of life, it seems, as Disney has plans to bring back The Lion King through a new primetime short movie and TV series based on Simba's son Kion and his group of friends, set to air in 2016.

Disney’s new ‘team rendering’ makes 3D animation easier

Disney Research has come up with a new way to render high-quality visuals for its animation, according to Phys.org. This method was designed to salvage pixel inaccuracies while retaining graphical detail. It's an approach which will…
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Disney chief says ESPN could be offered a la carte … eventually

Disney chief Bob Iger told CNBC that the conglomerate could offer ESPN a la carte, but not within the next few years. The most likely holdup? Cash money. ESPN is still one of Disney's most profitable sectors as a cable channel.
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Disney has a dino movie, too: Checkout The Good Dinosaur’s full trailer 2:26

Disney-Pixar released the full trailer for The Good Dinosaur, which is due to hit theaters on Nov. 25. The family-friendly flick will focus on the friendship of an orphaned dinosaur and a human cave-boy.
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Game of Thrones writer to pen script for live action reboot of Disney’s Sword in the Stone

Game of Thrones writer Bryan Cogman has been tapped to pen the script for a live action reboot of the 1963 Disney animated movie Sword in the Stone, the last flick to be released before Walt Disney's death.
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Disney developing a live-action Aladdin prequel, focusing on the Genie

Disney is moving forward with Genies, a live-action Aladdin prequel to be written by Damian Shannon and Mark Swift. The comedy will focus on genies generally, but specifically explore how Aladdin's genie ended up in his lamp.
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ESPN losing subscribers, cutting costs

While the “worldwide leader in sports” has historically been a cash cow, a changing cable landscape has prompted Disney -- the network’s parent company -- to slash the sports behemoth’s budget.

Disney bans selfie sticks from its theme parks

Proud selfie stick owner? Disneyland and Walt Disney World are the latest places where you can't take your smartphone accessory, with Disney citing safety concerns in banning the devices.
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Jurassic World stayed on top, but Inside Out made big waves last weekend

Disney/Pixar's 'Inside Out' managed to set multiple box office records, in spite of stiff competition from 'Jurassic World.' The animated film had the highest-grossing debut of any original film, taking the title from 'Avatar.'