Five corners of the Star Wars universe that you didn’t know about

Electronic Arts is now locked into a multi-year partnership with Disney that will see some of the publisher's top studios delivering Star Wars games. Here are some of the Expanded Universe locations we'd like to see visited.

Disney and EA team up to make Star Wars games

Electronic Arts will develop and publish Star Wars games aimed at core gamers across multiple genres and platforms. Meanwhile, Disney retains select rights "within the mobile, social, tablet, and online game categories."
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Review: ‘Iron Man 3’ rewrites Marvel’s winning formula (but still wins)

Disney and Marvel’s Phase Two kicks off with 'Iron Man 3' under the helm of director Shane Black. If this is Robert Downey Jr.’s swan song as some assume, he leaves the franchise on a high note.

‘Star Wars 1313’ would have starred Boba Fett before Disney disintegrated it

'Star Wars 1313' made waves at E3 2012, one of the first games clearly built for the PlayStation 4 and Next Xbox to get a public demonstration. With studio LucasArts gone, the mysterious game is done for but now we know more about what it…

A million Star Wars fans cry out, and are silenced as Disney closes LucasArts

After a few rough years, video game developer LucasArts was readying a comeback with games like Star Wars 1313 but Disney has throttled those plans and closed the studio after 31 years. Lucasfilm's new parent company plans to license out…

Disney signs 3D Video on Demand agreement

Later this month, the Wonderful World of Disney is going to be made available in a whole new way for home viewers, as the Walt Disney Company has signed a partnership agreement to make its 3D movies available for video-on-demand viewing -…

Disney and Square tap an unusual studio to bring Kingdom Hearts free-to-play to PCs

The more time goes on, the less likely it seems that Square-Enix and Disney will ever make another Kingdom Hearts game for home consoles. At least the new free-to-play entry in the series, Kingdom Hearts X[chi], is in the hands of peculiar…

Boba Fett and Han Solo to star in their own Star Wars spin-off films

Not content to let the dust settle, after confirming that at least two Star Wars spinoffs were in the works, Disney has revealed that one film will star a young Han Solo, while the other will feature a younger Boba Fett.

Disney closes Warren Spector’s studio after Epic Mickey 2 disappoints

Disney is reinventing its gaming business in 2013, releasing new products like Disney Infinity. Part of the process is closing old studios, though, and sadly Warren Spector's Junction Point Studios it shutting down after Epic Mickey 2…

Disney vows to monitor its video game business for excessive violence

With Washington backing new studies into the link between violence and violent video games, major corporations in the industry like Disney are promising to do due diligence in curbing violent content in their products.

Digital Blend: Disney Infinity takes to the sky(landers) and The Cave gets a release date

Welcome to Digital Blend, your one-stop shop for coverage and recommendations of all things relating to mobile gaming, digital marketplaces, and indie titles (for the week ending January 20).

Trouble in the Magic Kingdom: Epic Mickey 2 bombs at retail

Disney doesn't fail often but as sales of the recent Epic Mickey 2 demonstrate, when the House of Mouse stumbles it stumbles in a very big way.