Kinect Disneyland Adventure review

Review: Immerse yourself in a collection of Disney-themed mini-games accessible through a fully exportable recreation of the Magic Kingdom, in Kinect Disneyland Adventures.


Netflix renews streaming deal with ABC

In a rare bit of good news, Netflix announced that it has renewed its contract with Disney-ABC, and will add new shows and additional episodes to its streaming library.

Movies & TV

Hulu takes itself off the auction block and is no longer for sale

It seems as though Hulu did not like any of the several purchase offers it received as it announced Thursday that it is no longer for sale.

Home Theater

Disney Appmates bring toys to the iPad’s touchscreen

Disney is launching Cars-themed Appmates "appcessory" toys that enable kids to play games right on the iPad's touch-sensitive display.


Twitter starts pushing promoted tweets on all users, regardless of brand follows

Twitter's advertising model just expanded to include millions upon millions of users rather than just brand followers. Twitter didn't make any fanfare about the change to this policy.

Social Media

Reports: Hulu acquisition talks hanging up on exclusivity

Names like Yahoo, Microsoft, and Amazon are pondering bids on Hulu...but it all seems to come down to how long they can get a lock on Hulu's content.

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UltraViolet cloud-based streaming video launching soon

The ability to watch your Blu-ray movies anywhere from the cloud is near, but is the cost of new DRM too high? According to a VP at 20th Century Fox, UltraViolet technology is on the way to the consumer soon.

Cool Tech

Disney and Pixar release the first trailer for John Carter

Based on the books of Edgar Rice Burroughs, the upcoming John Carter marks the first live action film from Pixar.

Movies & TV

Disney confirms planned closure of Split/Second and Pure developer Black Rock Studio

Disney Interactive Studios officially confirms plans to shut down Pure and Split/Second developer Black Rock Studio.


Hulu considering multiple takeover offers?

Reports have video streaming service Hulu contemplating multiple takeover offers, with everyone from private investors to Yahoo in the mix.

Movies & TV

Disney Universe promises multiplayer mashup action

Disney Universe will be a multiplayer action-adventure mashup spanning Disney's animated an life action franchises...and it'll be on consoles, PCs, and Macs.


Ubisoft heads to Hollywood

The video game publisher/developer is creating a motion picture division to help develop its properties into films and television.


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang supercar hits auction blocks

The original, fully-functional car used for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang's principal scenes is going to be for sale next month.


Hulu expects to hit 1 million subscribers in 2011

Hulu says it's on track to have 1 million subscribers by the end of 2011, claiming that'll be the fastest launch of any online video subscription service.


Security breach spills customer names, e-mail addresses for hackers

Prepare your spam filter: A security breach has some very notable businesses worried about customers' information.