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Myspace accused of ripping off indie labels

Myspace wants to be the new place to stream music. But licensing group Merlin says the revamped social network already has a copyright infringement problem.

DMCA takedowns plague DJs no more thanks toTheFuture.FM’s MixSCAN

TheFuture.FM will launch the world's first DJ royalty program, powered by its music identification tech called MixSCAN.
Social Media

Copyright infringing tweets now withheld, not removed

Twitter changed its legal policy, citing transparency, for tweets taken down by DMCA complains. Twitter now withholds suspected tweets instead of removing them altogether.

8 things you think you own, but don’t

The rise of digital goods and software-reliant gadgets has thrown a wrench in the contemporary concept of ownership. Here are eight products that, even though you paid for them, aren't entirely yours.

Unlocking your smartphone will soon be illegal, and other DMCA new rule insanity

New rules governing exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) dictate that it will soon be illegal to unlock your smartphone without carrier permission. Jailbreaking your tablet is also forbidden, as is ripping a DVD into a…

State of the Web: 5 laws every Internet user needs to know

From the DMCA to the CDA, here are the five laws that every good Internet user should know.

Romney’s Obama ads return to YouTube after DMCA spat

When is a political campaign ad too much for YouTube? When it's accused of infringing copyright - but Mitt Romney's anti-Obama ad is back on the service now after the service declares it fair use.
Web bucks legal gray area with licensing deals from the four major labels's DMCA worries are all in the past now as the company says it's signed deals with all four of the major recording labels.

Console jailbreaking may follow smartphone jailbreaking as a legally acceptable practice

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has filed a request for new DMCA exemptions with the U.S. Copyright Office, seeking protection for those who wish to run unsupported software on their gaming consoles, among other things.

Just a few ways the E-PARASITE Act could dismantle the Internet

The E-PARASITE Act, on its surface, wants to cut down on Internet piracy. But deep down, it's a frighteningly possible attack on digital free speech.

Hotfile countersues Warner Bros. over copyright abuse

While Hotfile isn't a stranger to being the recipient of lawsuits related to DMCA takedown notices, the company turned the tables on Warner Brothers today by filing a lawsuit of its own.

Tech blogs’ disabled Facebook pages caused by DMCA abuse

Fraudulent copyright infringement reports are running rampant. Several popular tech blogs have recently had their Facebook pages disabled due to DMCA abuse.