Netflix’s high-definition DRM cracked for the first time

It's reported that torrenters now have access to a 4K Breaking Bad episode, coming in at close to 18GB, after pirates were able to overcome the latest Netflix copy protection technology.

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Games with SafeDisc or Securom DRM won’t run on Windows 10

SafeDisc or Securom DRM, which is installed on hundreds of old disc-based games, are a no-go on Windows 10. Users can't run on these games on the newly updated OS without running through complex workarounds.


Gamers will feel they own the products they buy when DRM and mandatory online play are removed

Ever wanted to just play games without having to worry about digital rights management or always needing an Internet connection? GOG and their distribution platform, GOG Galaxy, want to help.


Windows 10 may force PlayReady 3.0 DRM on users for 4K streaming

With an overwhelming demand for greater video quality, Windows 10 may introduce a new iteration of Microsoft's PlayReady 3.0 hardware digital rights management (DRM) technology to allow 4K streaming on PCs.


DRM getting you down? Here’s how to strip your music and movies of restrictions

DRM might be the bane of digital media files, especially if you intend to access your legitimate purchases on multiple devices. Check out our guide on how strip your audio and video files of DRM restrictions, whether using a Windows-based or Mac machine.

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Freedom Clip will permanently disable DRM on your Keurig 2.0 brewer

One of Keurig's competitors is distributing a device called the Freedom Clip, a retrofittable clip that snaps onto Keurig 2.0 machines and permanently disables Green Mountain's DRM technology, letting you brew any kind of K-cup you want.


Professor builds LEGO robot that strips DRM from Kindle books

Definitely a creative way to circumvent DRM restrictions on Amazon books, a professor in Vienna has built a robotic device from a LEGO Mindstorms set in order to automatically take pictures of book pages.

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5 reasons to liberate your ebooks from their DRM prison

Protect the books you paid for from Amazon, Google, and the whims of any other bookseller who wants to control where and how many times you can access them. Break the DRM and keep a local backup you control.


Steam beta update code reveals possible game sharing feature

Several lines of code discovered in Valve Corporation's latest beta update for the Steam client suggests that a game-sharing feature may soon be implemented for users of the service.


Sony’s hopes for the PS4 are increasing, and it expects partners to follow its lead with DRM

Sony had a great showing at E3, and following positive reception of the PlayStation 4 its internal sales predictions have reportedly increased. Sony also said that it doubts third party publishers will try to enforce any unpopular DRM on the next-gen console.


Maxis: SimCity’s DRM scheme is necessary and positive

In reaction to widespread fan outcry, SimCity developer Maxis has offered up a litany of reasons why the game's digital rights management scheme, which requires players to be connected to the 'net to save the game, is actually beneficial to players.


Chill offers DRM-free video-on-demand from content creators

Chill.com is now offering a new distribution channel for content creators to sell their content, DRM-free.

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State of the Web: DRM, ‘auto-delete’ and the wiped Amazon Kindle fiasco

Amazon's alleged remote-wipe of a user's entire Kindle library has customers up in arms over the use of DRM. But we should really be focused on a pervasive provision that gives companies the ability to do what they like with our personal files, at anytime…


Amazon account ban story reminds us DRM content is rented, not owned

The story of a Kindle owner whose Amazon account was closed and all content wiped from the device, has again highlighted the power of DRM, and that digital content we think we own is often only rented.


Indie Game: The Movie now available for purchase

Having earned massive critical acclaim, the wonderful Indie Game: The Movie is now available for you to buy.