Copy/paste be gone! You can now share Dropbox files straight from Messenger

Copy/paste is so 2015. Now, instead of having to copy shareable links for Dropbox, the service will integrate straight into Facebook Messenger, where you can browse through your files and then send them to your contacts.

Meet Droplr, the Dropbox competitor you should have been using all along 2:12

Droplr is easier to use than Dropbox, more powerful, and totally free if you don't need to send big files or keep them around for long.

Unlock files with your face using the new Dropbox app for Windows 10

The new Dropbox app for Windows 10 may be short of revolutionary, but it does pack one very compelling feature -- facial and fingerprint recognition, thanks to Microsoft's own Windows Hello functionality.

Dropbox is shutting down Mailbox and Carousel

Dropbox is bringing an end to its email and photo apps, Mailbox and Carousel. Mailbox will end service on February 26, 2016, and Carousel will follow suit on March 31, 2016, the company announced in a blog post.

Apple and Dropbox are the latest tech companies to take a stand against CISA

Just days before the U.S. Senate is expected to take the legislation to a vote, both Apple and Dropbox are voicing concerns about how much privacy will be sacrificed under the guise of security.

Want a Windows 10 laptop at a low price? Acer’s new Cloudbooks may be for you

A pair of all new laptops from Acer provide baseline performance and less local storage in exchange for cloud services and bargain basement pricing.
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Dropbox app for Roku lets you view your movies and photos on a big screen

Without much in the way of fanfare, Dropbox has released an app for the Roku that allows users to view photos and videos stored in the cloud on a big screen, complete with thumbnails and slideshow support.

Dropbox app receives update alongside Windows 10 launch

Dropbox developer Rudy Huyn has shared details of a new update to the Dropbox app, which attempts to modernize its UI to match the styling of the newly released Windows 10.

Your friends can now share files to your Dropbox, even if they don’t have an account

Dropbox has introduced File Requests, a new feature that takes the pain out of receiving files from friends, family, or coworkers, because it's no longer necessary for them to have a Dropbox account to share files with you.

Dropbox Notes private beta teases a ‘new way for teams to write together’

Earlier this month, Dropbox was seen testing a new note-taking app called "Project Composer." Now that app appears to have resurfaced as Dropbox Notes, and promises "a new way for teams to write together."

Dropbox is working on a new note-taking app

Eagle-eyed users have spotted a new app hidden in the Dropbox platform. While nothing is official yet, it looks like the streamlined tool enables you to take notes and store them on the Web.

Microsoft tries to woo Dropbox loyalists with 100GB of free storage

Microsoft takes the cloud storage war to Dropbox's doorstep by offering its users 100GB of free storage space once they prove they have a Dropbox account.