Canon unveils two new DSLRs for beginners and aspiring enthusiasts

Both cameras benefit from tech trickling down from the higher-end 80D, including the 24MP APS-C sensor with Dual Pixel live view autofocus, Digic 7 processor, and 45-point all cross-type autofocus system when using the optical viewfinder.
Virtual Reality

Spectator View provides a looking glass for all to see HoloLens holograms

Microsoft has added a spectator view feature to HoloLens, and released instructions on how to build a compatible DSLR camera setup. It's based on the firm's Mixed Reality Capture technology that combines live footage with holograms.

Protect your gear in style with Think Tank’s Signature camera bags

Built for the “young urban professional or corporate photographer,” Think Tank's new bags are made with a combination of high-quality materials, combining fashion and function for a stylish yet durable way to transport your gear.

New Pentax KP from Ricoh features 5-axis stabilization and ISO 819,200

Ricoh is looking to take on the enthusiast photographer market with the $1,100 Pentax KP, a compact DSLR that is weather sealed, has five-axis stabilization, and can see in the dark at ISO 819,200.

For less than a buck, this 3D-printed guard ring deters lens theft

Tired of seeing lenses stolen right off cameras at concerts, music photographer Rutger Geerling invented a novel theft deterrent -- a 3D-printed ring that wraps around the lens mount and covers the release button on the camera.

When you're ready to shoot seriously, these are the best DSLRs you can buy

For many photographers the DSLR is the go-to camera. With large selection of lenses, great low-light performance, and battery endurance, these DSLRs deliver terrific image quality for stills and videos.

Going somewhere? Capture more than your phone can with the best travel cams

Hitting the road or doing some globetrotting this summer? Bring along the right camera to capture those once-in-a-lifetime vacation memories. Here are some of our current favorites.
Cool Tech

3D-printed camera rig helps terminally ill photographer to take pictures

A motorized, 3D-printed camera rig allows a terminally-ill, 23-year-old photographer to control the zoom and focus of his DSLR camera to continue taking pictures. Here's how it works.

SteadXP is a camera add-on that takes the shakes out of video

Video footage looking shaky? The SteadXP is a camera add-on that calculates the movement, then removes it from the footage in post processing. Adding this electronic stabilization to an existing camera will cost about $200.

So you got a new camera, here’s what to do next

If you were lucky enough to unwrap a DSLR or mirrorless camera kit this holiday season, hopefully you’re excited. But if this is your first interchangeable lens camera, you may also be unsure where to go now. We're here to help.

Our 15 favorite photo bags for every budget

A camera is an investment worth protecting. That's why we've rounded up 15 of our favorite camera bags, whether you need a rugged backpack to take into the backcountry or a leather messenger that's as luxurious as it is capable.

Cyclops Optics’ clip-in filter helps your Nikon DSLR see past light pollution

Cyclops Optics has created a clip-in filter for Nikon DSLRs that's designed to reduce light pollution in nighttime images by minimizing the transmission of specific wavelengths of light.