E-book pricing spat: Hachette CEO calls on Amazon to end ‘punitive actions’

Hachette boss Michael Pietsch has put his side of the argument in the US publishing giant's ongoing spat with Amazon over e-book pricing, and calls on the e-commerce company to end "punitive actions" against its authors.


E-book pricing: Amazon urges readers to help solve ongoing dispute with Hachette

As Amazon's dispute with US publishing giant Hachette over e-book pricing continues to rumble on, the Web company is now urging readers to contact the company's CEO directly to ask for lower prices.


Nation’s first all-digital, bookless library opens in Texas

Definitely a direction that many libraries around the country are heading towards, the first digital-only library opened this weekend stocked with several hundred e-readers and 10,000 e-books to check out.

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Kobo’s brilliant Pocket partnership makes the Aura more than just another e-reader

Kobo's new tablets and e-reader are nice, but not groundbreaking. Reading content from your Pocket account on an E-Ink screen? Now that's interesting. How long will it be before B&N, Kindle, and Sony start cuddling up to the competition?


It’s now safer to pirate ebooks than purchase them yourself

The ebook publishing industry is beginning to implement a new watermark on digital books that will allow them to track, and punish, those who legally purchase books, assuming their book somehow ends up on a piracy website.


Is Apple the ultimate villain in the e-book price fixing scandal?

A judge found Apple guilty of colluding with publishers to fix e-books prices in order to level the playing field against Amazon. Who is the real big bad guy here? And who ultimately suffers when giant companies collide?


Apple e-book fallout: What it means for your wallet

A federal judge this week found Apple guilty of conspiring to raise the price of e-books across the board. It's a big loss for Apple – but depending on how the judge punishes Apple, you may end up with a few more dollars in your wallet.


Paper rules: Why borrowing an e-book from your library is so difficult

E-books are firmly in the mainstream and no longer a new, scary technology. So why is it still so difficult to borrow an e-book from the public library? E-reader makers, software developers, and publishers all appear to be working at cross-purposes, and e-book…


Google Play Books update adds ability to upload your e-book collection

There was no big announcement but Google has issued a major update to Google Play Books, allowing you to upload your purchased book collection. We think Google may have something even more exciting in store down the road.

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Australian bookseller bribes readers to give up their Kindles

One Australian bookseller has decided to fight back against the global reach of Amazon, offering a "Kindle Amnesty" monthly promotion where people can trade their Kindles in for 50 Australian dollars.


Apple launches iBookstore in Japan, goes up against Google, Amazon and Rakuten

Apple launched its iBookstore in Japan on Tuesday. With millions of people in the East Asian nation owning iPhones and iPads, the new market is sure to be a lucrative one for the Cupertino company.


And now, here’s a second lawsuit against book publishers over e-books

And now it's Amazon's turn to be named in an anti-trust lawsuit over e-books. Three small booksellers are suing the online retailer and "Big Six" publishers over the way that digital books are coded, arguing that it shuts booksellers that aren't Amazon out of…


And now it’s just Apple vs. D.O.J. over digital book price fixing

The fifth and final publisher named by the Department of Justice in its lawsuit against Apple and the book industry over the illegal price fixing of e-books has settled with authorities, leaving Apple alone to face the music in the upcoming trial.


Kobo touts millions of e-reader sales in 2012, despite lack of exposure

You may have never heard of Kobo, but last year it sold millions of e-readers and it plans for yet another successful year of sales and performance on the horizon.


Goodbye paperbacks and paper cuts, Captain Obvious reports e-books are the future of reading

E-books have a new target audience: Kids who otherwise may not be that interested in reading, according to a new study released from Scholastic publishing.

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