e mail

Sent an email to the wrong person? Unsend.it lets you remove it from their inbox

A new service, UnSend.it, lets you unsend and edit accidental e-mails to unintended recipients.

Will a spotless inbox really supercharge your productivity?

Inbox Zero forces you to deal with every email immediately in the quest for peace of mind and productivity. But does it work? I put it to use to find out.

Dropbox acquires startup app Mailbox

Cloud storage company Dropbox recently acquired startup e-mail company Mailbox. As of now, Dropbox intends to help improve Mailbox's services, but a full-on integration could come down the road.

How to check if someone clicked the link you sent

How many of those links you share with friends actually get seen? WasItViewed helps you keep track.
Social Media

The Listserve is like Chatroulette meets PostSecret

An online social experiment wants to know what you'd share with the world if you had the chance for it to be seen by millions of people.

Law enforcement agencies vacuum up data online, lack reporting procedures

Police and other agencies are deferring to the Internet for investigation purposes - and a new paper points out is no required report for this activity.

Security breach spills customer names, e-mail addresses for hackers

Prepare your spam filter: A security breach has some very notable businesses worried about customers' information.

Hotmail extends Active View to Netflix, LinkedIn, Posterous, and LivingSocial

Hotmail's new move is an upgrade for users and its new business partners.

Texts will replace postage stamps in Sweden and Denmark

Your stamp collection could become much more valuable: Denmark and Sweden will be introducing technology allowed consumers to text for postal codes.

Polls show e-mail popularity waning, Facebook Messages ready to fill in

As e-mail popularity declines, Facebook Messages seems ready to swoop and officially takeover online communication.

Google begins testing display ads in Gmail

You might start to see image content in your Gmail account, as Google starts branching out with its e-mail advertising with display ads.

Microsoft apologizes after Hotmail bug wipes accounts of e-mail

Over the weekend, thousands of Hotmail users found their inboxes wiped clean, with some accounts containing a decade worth of saved e-mails - a lesson in the downside of computing in the cloud.