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Kobo’s new $130, high-res Glo HD e-reader promises to make your ebooks look amazing

Kobo may have taken its time coming out with a challenger to Amazon's Kindle Voyage, but at $130, the Glo HD appears to be worth the wait. It's set for release in the U.S. on May 1.


Amazon’s Kindle Convert turns paper books into digital ones

Amazon's new Kindle Convert tool helps reading fans turn their physical books into digital ones, though the fact that it probably takes an age to do means it's likely aimed more at occasional users with unique material rather than those with big libraries.


Amazon launches high-end Voyage ebook reader, plus refreshed Kindle

Amazon launched two new e-readers Wednesday night. The high-end $199 Voyage device is the company's thinnest and features a new way to turn pages. Meanwhile, its refreshed Kindle comes with a 20 percent faster processor, 4GB of storage, and a $79 price tag.


Amazon doubles Kindle Paperwhite storage, now holds 2,000 books

Quietly increasing the memory size without increasing the price, anyone that's purchased a Kindle Paperwhite e-reader recently will be glad to know that there's more internal memory for storing books.


This U.S. diplomat put her hand on an ebook reader for her oath of office

Suzi Levine, the US ambassador to Switzerland and Lichtenstein, brought the practice of pledging loyalty to the digital age by taking her oath of office with an e-reader instead of a physical copy of the Constitution.

Despite poor sales, Barnes & Noble plan to release another Nook

Looking for more ways to regain sales momentum within the growing digital book market, bookseller Barnes & Noble will launch another color Nook device before the start of Summer 2014.


Barnes & Noble digital division plummeting due to poor Nook sales

Likely attributed to heavy competition with online retailer Amazon, Barnes & Noble has announced a significant loss on the digital side of the business due to lack of interest in the Nook platform.

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Amazon reportedly prepping new high-res Kindle Paperwhite

Less than three months after launching the second iteration of its Paperwhite e-reader, Amazon is reportedly already prepping the next version, complete with a high-res display, ambient light sensor, and plenty more besides.


Tablets for bookworms? Kobo unveils three reader-centric slates and new Aura e-reader

Kobo has unveiled a range of new devices, including three tablets designed with readers squarely in mind. The Arc 10HD tablet and two 7-inch models come with features such as Reading Life and Reading Mode to put the reading experience front and center.

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South Carolina considering license plates with electronic displays

Looking for a way to quickly identify drivers that aren't playing by the rules, a company in South Carolina is proposing an electronic license plate that can be controlled by the DMV.


The Amazon Kindle DX is back, but you’ll have to part with $300 to get one

After discontinuing it last year, Amazon has decided to revive the Kindle DX, its big-screen E Ink e-reader. It's back on sale and ready for delivery right now, but will set you back a hefty $300.


Sony announces ‘Digital Paper': Ultra-thin, 13.3-inch flexible e-reader for universities

Sony's delving into the education side of things with its new 'Digital Paper' flexible e-reader. Though currently a prototype, the 13.3-inch E ink device is intended for use at universities. With an included stylus, the device is designed for textbook reading…


Want a Nook Simple Touch for just $20? There is a catch … you have to go to Radio Shack

Barnes & Noble Nook devices are getting discounts all over the place. This time it's the two year old Nook Simple Touch going for a super low price. To get one of these you'll have to go into a Radio Shack in person, but this eReader is worth it.


Kobo wants its new, high resolution Aura HD to be the bibliophile’s e-reader of choice

Kobo has announced a high-end e-reader named the Aura HD, which features a big, high resolution screen and a fast processor, which it's aiming at book lovers who consider other, cheaper e-readers to offer a mediocre reading experience.


Barnes & Noble offers free books and magazines for downloading its Windows 8 Nook app

Barnes & Noble is giving away five free books and five free magazines to users who download them via the Windows 8 platform. The selection is curated, and some titles have limited numbers of downloads, so users should act fast.