Sorry, not 'Sorry': Von Miller parodies Bieber for latest 'Madden 17' promo

EA Sports is once again going a little silly with its new advert for this year's NFL title by roping in Von Miller to perform a parody of Justin Bieber's "Sorry" to help promote Madden NFL 17.

EA may join the remastering trend, with Mass Effect series a possible candidate

Although it once said it wasn't looking to remaster its old games, EA Games is starting to see the light and the dollar signs, and is now actively looking into it. Which games? We don't know, but you have to imagine Mass Effect is on that…

Lucasfilm nixes Star Wars content in ‘Battlefront’-inspired ‘Galaxy in Turmoil’

Lucasfilm told Frostwire Studios that Galaxy in Turmoil, the free PC game inspired by the canceled Star Wars Battlefront III project, is not allowed to use Star Wars content. The decision stems from an agreement Lucasfilm made with…

‘Unravel’ and ‘Need For Speed’ join the EA Access Vault

EA Access subscribers now have two new games to play through; this year's highly praised puzzle platformer 'Unravel,' and last year's popular reboot of the Need For Speed franchise.
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EA's 'Battlefield' video game franchise will make the jump to television

Paramount TV and Anonymous Content, the producers of Mr. Robot and True Detective, have optioned the rights to turn the blockbuster Battlefield game franchise into a television series.

E3 Schedule: How to watch all of the E3 2016 press conferences live

We've rounded up streaming windows for all the biggest broadcasts of E3 2016 so you can follow along the news as it happens, hassle-free.

The underdogs of E3: The 10 best indie games on display this year

Big names may get all the press, but there are plenty of intriguing indie titles at E3. Here are our picks for the 10 best, including somber platformers, robot golf simulators, and bloody vampire action.

Biplanes and horses and tanks, oh my! 'Battlefield 1' is a fresh take on proven fun

'Battlefield 1' may not be a great “World War I” game, but it feels like a breath of fresh air relative to the overused sci-fi tropes in the current wave of first-person shooters.

Think before you attack: ‘Titanfall 2’ goes meta in multiplayer mode

We’re a long way from knowing whether or not 'Titanfall II' can do all it needs to do to garner the massive following its clearly vying for. Based on the multiplayer, though, one thing is clear: 'Titanfall 2' will be a very…

‘Fifa 17’s’ Journey story mode revealed at E3

Perhaps one of the biggest surprises at Electronic Arts' conference was the inclusion of a story about fictional player Alex Hunter in Fifa 17. In addition, EA has also done some changes to the core mechanics.

EA plans to fund beautiful indie games with new EA Originals initiative

At E3 2016, EA announced EA Originals. It's a new initiative to help develop, promote, and fund beautiful indie games with all profits going back to the developers. 'Fe' will be its first title.

‘Battlefield 1’ adds dynamic weather, ‘Ultimate Vehicles,’ and a 3D map

Battlefield 1 will feature a dynamic weather system in multiplayer matches, with sunny days making way for thunderstorms with little warning. "Ultimate Vehicles" like the airship are the most dangerous target we've ever seen in the series.