3 budget alternatives to the iPhone 7’s pricey AirPods

Apple's new AirPods are one of the iPhone 7's biggest features, but priced at $159 they're also one of its main setbacks. Before you commit to Apple's 1st gen headphones, we've gathered some budget options for your wireless headphone needs…

Turn your headphones wireless with these 5 Bluetooth adapters

Thinking about turning your old pair of wired headphones truly wireless for the iPhone 7? Luckily, Bluetooth adapters make the process easy as pie. We've rounded up five top picks for your perusal.
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Jabra goes wireless with its new Elite Sport earbuds

Jabra is already well known for its fitness-focused earbuds, and with its new Elite Sport, it has outdone its previous outings by going fully wireless, complete with an included charging case.
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Libratone aims to make noise cancellation simple with its new Q Adapt in-ears

With its new Q Adapt in-ears, Libratone aims to make sure that running out of juice is never a problem again, while also giving you much more control over just how much noise is blocked out.
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Your best buds for life? OnePlus’ Bullets V2 earbuds are stylish, inexpensive

OnePlus built up hype for a pair of $20 earbuds and it seems to have paid off -- the Bullets V2 are already out of stock. The earbuds are a successor to the company's 2014 Silver Bullets, which only cost $15.
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No strings attached: The 10 best wireless Bluetooth headphones

Between sleek form factors, prime audio quality, and the freedom of untethered listening, there has never been a better time to pick up a pair of wireless headphones. To help make your search easier, we've put together a list of…
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Linner earbuds aim to offer active noise cancellation without the high price tag

New acoustic tech startup Linner will soon launch what it calls the world's lightest earbuds to feature active noise cancellation, and that's not the only trick it has up its sleeve.
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The US Army’s new earbuds give soldiers tunable hearing, protection from loud noises

Since 2014, the Army has been deploying a cutting-edge headset called TCAPS that is designed to protect the hearing of its soldiers. The system can deaden loud noises while improving ambient sounds that are necessary for…
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Pound pavement to a soundtrack with the best running headphones

Running can be one of the least enjoyable activities of all time, especially when you spend the better part of your run fiddling to keep your headphones in place. Check out our picks for the best headphones for running, so you'll never have…
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Human's Sound ear covers aimed at meeting all of your audio needs

Human has announced the core features of its audio wearable, Sound. The ear covers will control ambient sound and aid communications and entertainment. Language translation and other functions will be revealed later in the year.