Quick, there’s a prototype iPhone 6 for sale on eBay

What's claimed to be a prototype iPhone 6 has been put up for sale on eBay. The device differs in several ways from a model you'd buy in a shop, and is currently attracting bids of at least $5,000.

eBay wants you to spend more money with its new search and browse experiences

Last week, eBay launched a series of new browsing modules and search features meant to help shoppers better discover the right products for their needs (or perhaps, their desires).
Virtual Reality

You can now go shopping inside a virtual reality department store

Say hello to what eBay is calling the world's first virtual reality department store, which allows eager customers to browse through collections like clothing, electronics, and home goods as though you were actually, well, in the…

More pay than pals: Paypal processes $8,733 every second

According to recent report, the leading online payment processor PayPal is currently handling more than $8,000 in transactions every second of every day. That's a 140 percent increase from 2011.

Based on These eBay Listings, Devil’s Third is Already a Collector’s Item

Retailers didn't expect anyone would be interested in Devil's Third so they didn't buy many copies. By doing so, they made the retail game into a prized commodity for North American game collectors.

Want to help a great cause? Make a bid on the OnePlus X Ceramic

In a continued effort to move away from its past controversial promotions, OnePlus will put five OnePlus X Ceramic smartphones on the auction block and forward all the proceeds to charity

eBay shutters eBay Now, its same-day delivery service

As part of ongoing efforts to streamline its operation and boost revenue, eBay has announced it's to shutter eBay Now, the e-commerce company's same-day delivery service involving local merchants. The service operated in four cities…

In the wake of Charleston shooting, major online and physical retailers will no longer sell the Confederate flag

In the wake of the Charleston shooting that left nine black churchgoers dead, several online and physical retailers have announced they will no longer sell the Confederate flag or anything related to it through their marketplaces.

Feeling charitable? eBay unveils donation feature in latest app update

Already available for Web users of eBay as well as those on Android, the e-commerce company this week rolled out a new feature for iOS users enabling sellers to easily donate a percentage of each sale to their favorite charity.

Bid from your wrist with eBay’s new Apple Watch app

If you're a regular eBay user with an Apple Watch then the e-commerce giant now has an app for you. Aimed at both buyers and sellers, the feature-packed software offers at-a-glance summaries and "small bites of time-sensitive and relevant…

Sold! eBay testing customer loyalty program similar to Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime has been very successful for Amazon, so it's no surprise that eBay is testing a similar loyalty program of its own. Dubbed eBay+, the service is set to launch in Germany later this year.

Now you can host a virtual yard sale on Facebook with its new buy and sell feature

Facebook opens up an eBay-like marketplace where members of groups can buy and sell items. The new feature is reminiscent of Craigslist or eBay, and opens Facebook up to the world of Internet commerce.