Teenage dad spends $750 for a picture of the Xbox One

Definitely a terrible way to nearly lose money meant for your child's Christmas gifts, a recent eBay auction for the popular Xbox One gaming console didn't turn out exactly as planned for one father.

How to sell (anything) on eBay

Thinking about selling some of your rag-and-bone wears of on the Web's premium auction house but don't know where to begin? Check out our guide on how to sell items on eBay for a comprehensive look at what it takes to curate and craft a…

Microsoft launches eBay store in time for holiday season

Google is opening a number of Winter Wonderlab showrooms over the holiday season, and Intel has a number of pop-up stores planned too. And now Microsoft has announced, just in time for gift-hunting shoppers, a brand new store on eBay.

Capitalism prevails! This rare Soviet spy lens will set you back $400,000

A rare "Soviet spy lens" has been listed on eBay for almost half-a-million dollars, but there are plenty of things that make it highly suspicious. Is it a unique collectible, or is it not as highly prized as its seller would like you to…

eBay expands one-hour-delivery service to desktop, more regions

Potentially ideal for people living in New York City, the San Francisco Peninsula, Chicago and Dallas, eBay Now is expanding within those areas and offering a new desktop user interface.

Baby submits winning bid for car using dad’s eBay app, dad keeps car

Fourteen-month-old Sorella Stoate didn't waste time with in-app purchases of a buck or two when she got her hands on her dad's smartphone. Instead, she went straight to eBay and placed the winning bid on a 1962 Austin-Healey Sprite.

Microsoft investigated idea of launching Amazon-like e-commerce site, report says

A report Thursday revealed computer giant Microsoft was until recently researching the possibility of launching an online marketplace to take on the likes of Amazon and eBay. The project has since been shelved.

New legislation would do away with tax-free online shopping

Online shoppers have been spoiled by tax-free shopping for the longest time, but this will change should the Marketplace Fairness Act pass on May 6.
Android Army

Explorers beware, Google forbids the resale or lending of Glass

Google is forbidding any Glass Explorers from reselling or even lending out its $1,500 gadget, reserving the right to deactivate the device of anyone breaching the policy.

Want a refurbished iPad or Macbook Air? Apple’s eBay store offers better prices than Apple.com

According to DealNews, Apple's unofficial eBay store, Refurbished Outlet, sometimes offer better prices on iPads and Macbook Airs than on Apple's own store for refurbished iDevices.

eBay Now goes fully mobile, same-day shipping available in New York, San Fran, and San Jose

EBay Now offers one-hour delivery service to residents of San Jose and launches their mobile Web version this Thursday so smartphone users can shop easily. The same-day delivery ante has been upped.

Carvana offers digital dealership to online shoppers

Whether you're a savvy internet shopper or just don't enjoy visiting the dealership, Carvana has found a way for you to buy a car with just a few clicks of the mouse.