iPad trade-in rush as launch of latest version approaches

It appears resellers have seen nothing quite like it — many are reportedly busy dealing with inquiries from iPad owners keen to sell their tablet in readiness for the imminent launch of the iPad 3.


Opinion: Some amazing tech mergers that will probably never happen

Whether they’re prophecies or just pipe dreams, these potential company combinations could change the face of technology as we know it.


How next-generation consoles may eliminate the used gaming market

While internal teams at Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are all hard at work designing and revising new console hardware, at least one next-generation console manufacturer may implement a way to kill used game sales faster than digital downloads.


Facebook users can share more activities with friends via 60 new apps

With more users turning to Facebook to find out what their friends are currently up to, the social network is making it simpler to share actions and get friends to join in.

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HP offering limited refurbished $99 TouchPads on 12/11

Like a cold sore, they're back again. HP is offering another round of $99 TouchPad sales. This time we'll have to be content with refurbished.


Amazon and eBay battle in Washington over Internet sales tax

While more shoppers are purchasing holiday gifts online than any previous year, both Amazon and eBay are battling over an Internet sales tax applied to all online retailers.


Early Cyber Monday stats indicate record year

After the holiday weekend boasted big numbers for online shopping, the dedicated e-commerce day is already shaping up to be the biggest yet.


eBay buys recommendation engine Hunch for a reported $80 million

eBay has purchased New York-based startup Hunch, to deliver more personalized recommendations to its customers.


Internet titans fight SOPA with full-page NY Times ad [updated]

Internet giants have taken to the pages of The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and the Washington Times, to fight back against SOPA, the Internet censorship bill.


Man sells diamond engagement ring to buy Master Chief armor

While getting over a nasty breakup with a cheating girlfiend is definitely tough, one man found a way to cope with his grief by disposing of the engagement ring to purchase the ultimate Halo accessory.


EBay’s RedLaser app lets users ‘Buy It Now’ from local stores

EBay RedLaser mobile app lets customers skip the long lines this holiday season by purchasing gifts from local retailers directly from the app.


PayPal will debut in brick-and-mortar shops

PayPal will transition from online-only to an in-store presence right in time for the holiday shopping season.


eBay to announce PayPal Access, deepen ties with Facebook

At its X.commerce conference this week, eBay will likely unveil its PayPal Access platform, allowing sites to use PayPal as their login credentials. A deal with Facebook is also rumored.


Monster Cable blacklists Facebook, Sears and eBay as ‘rogue sites’

While Monster Cable certainly has a reputation for pricing its products at exorbitant prices, the company is attempting to fight back at sites that sell counterfeit Monster products. Unfortunately, the list of "rogue sites" has caught a few legitimate…

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Haven’t sold that last-gen iPhone yet? Here’s where to go

If you're sold on the iPhone 4S and ready to dump your old iPhone, here are your best bets for getting top dollar while you can.