Edward Snowden

The NSA has hacked your phone: What you need to know, and how to protect yourself

NSA leaker Edward Snowden leaked more documents to the Intercept, which reveal that the NSA and GCHQ stole millions of SIM card encryption keys. The keys give them access to calls, texts, and data sent over users' wireless networks.

Snowden, Greenwald and Poitras host Reddit AMA after Oscar win

Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald, and Laura Poitras joined forces to collaborate on a collective Reddit AMA following the Oscar win for their documentary Citizenfour, which will soon be available through HBO streaming.
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If you missed the Oscar-winning Edward Snowden documentary in theaters, check it out on HBO tonight

You can watch director Laura Poitras' critically praised, Oscar-winning documentary on Edward Snowden, Citizenfour, today at 9PM ET on HBO. The documentary is also available on iTunes.
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Justified star Timothy Olyphant cast for Oliver Stone’s upcoming film on Edward Snowden

Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone's upcoming film about former information analyst Edward Snowden has added Justified star Timothy Olyphant to its cast.

Hard drives beware, the NSA is coming for you

The NSA is at it again with a highly secretive program that was designed and implemented to crack into hard drives from some of the most popular manufacturers, including Seagate, Western Digital, and Toshiba.

2014 was the biggest year for malware yet

2014 has proven itself to be one of the scariest years on record for malware, and the trend of mobiles, desktops and laptops getting infected with all manner of net nasties doesn't look to be slowing down anytime soon.

Snowden says that you should avoid Dropbox, Facebook, and Google

Edward Snowden has been speaking to The New Yorker (via remote video call, of course) about the privacy concerns he has regarding popular Web services such as Google, Facebook and Dropbox.

New NSA report shows the huge number of non-targeted users caught in its net

After a four-month investigation, the Washington Post reveals details of how many "innocent bystanders" are caught up in the NSA's data collection net as it monitors targets at home and abroad.

The NSA might know what you look like, collects millions of digital images per day

The National Security Agency (NSA) has ramped up its collection of digital facial images in the past four years, according to The New York Times, citing documents leaked by Edward Snowden. The agency is using software to glean “millions…

Washington’s plans to ‘end’ NSA telephone metadata collection: What you need to know

Both the Obama administration and members of the House have plans to 'end' the NSA's collection of telephone metadata – some of it good, some of it dangerous. Here's everything you need to know.

As Snowden roams free in robot form, our cyborg future has arrived

From a remote location in Russia, Edward Snowden used a Beam telepresence robot to do an on-stage interview at the 2014 TED Talks in Vancouver. In other words, our cyborg future is here.

The U.S. branded an ‘enemy of the Internet’

Joining nations such as Russia, China, Iran and Saudi Arabia, the United States of America has made it on to the Reporters Without Borders' 'Enemies of the Internet' list for the first time.