Edward Snowden
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The NSA gets exposed in first trailer for Oliver Stone’s Snowden

Less than a week after being criticized by a federal judge, the NSA now has to contend with the release of the first trailer for Oliver Stone's Snowden. The film centers on the well-known whistleblower.

Snowden accused of accelerating adoption of encryption

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has made claims that Jonathan Snowden's whistleblowing and public release of national security data accelerated encryption development and distribution by many years.

Switzerland protected your money — now it’ll protect your data

For decades Switzerland was known as a place to secure money. With the current worldwide concern about secure data, Switzerland has a new industry as a data safe haven.

Oops: In Lavabit case, Feds forgot to redact ‘ed_snowden@lavabit.com’

Lavabit's owner Ladar Levison wasn't allowed to say who the feds were targeting when they requested his secure email company's private SSL keys, as he was under threat of contempt and faced possible jail time. Now he doesn't need to.

Edward Snowden digs this mass surveillance sim, Need to Know 2:11

'Need to Know' a mass surveillance simulation game so cool, it got the Snowden nod of approval while raising funds on Kickstarter. Players join as agents of the fictional Department of Liberty, and climb the ranks in order to…

Want a secure messaging app on desktop? Signal has announced a private beta

Open Whisper Systems has officially launched Signal Desktop in private beta. The end-to-end encrypted messaging app is used by quite a few notable privacy advocates, including NSA surveillance whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The NSA will no longer collect your metadata starting tonight

Ending an infamous era of Big Brother-esque surveillance, the National Security Agency's bulk phone surveillance program will officially be discontinued by Sunday, November 29.

John McAfee: The NSA is running on ‘sheer luck’ — and that’s a travesty

Surveillance programs are largely designed for the express purpose of targeting citizens, pure and simple, says John McAfee. And there's something fundamentally wrong with this concept. Something un-American. It's the antithesis of freedom.

Edward Snowden touts Signal for your end-to-end encrypted messaging needs

Edward Snowden needs to be extra careful on the Internet, and one of the ways he keeps safe is by using Signal, an end-to-end encrypted messaging app launching on the Google Play store today.

European Parliament votes to drop Edward Snowden’s criminal charges

European Parliament has voted in favor of dropping Edward Snowden's criminal charges, letting him seek asylum and be protected against U.S. extradition. It is a landmark step by Europe to defy America.

Up to 90 pct of U.S. drone strikes hit the wrong target, major leak reveals

A massive leak reveals the true costs of U.S. drone warfare and how it's carried out. How people are placed on ‘kill lists,' the secret criteria for drone strikes, the 60-day ‘window for lethal action,' and more.
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Edward Snowden has finally joined Twitter

Just a few days after Neil deGrasse Tyson asked him to join Twitter, Edward Snowden sent out his first tweet to the masses.