Electronic Arts

Flight Control, Real Racing, and other iOS classics disappear from App Store

Flight Control, Real Racing, and other iOS apps that defined the mobile landscape have been quietly pulled from the App Store by publisher Electronic Arts, and are unlikely to return.

Star Wars Battlefront shows off 20-player dogfights, Millennium Falcon gameplay 2:04

EA DICE unveiled its Fighter Squadron mode in Star Wars Battlefront, demonstrating its ability to deliver massive aerial encounters for up to 20 players.

Former Ubisoft studio director Jade Raymond developing Star Wars game with EA

Former Ubisoft Toronto managing director Jade Raymond has joined publisher Electronic Arts, announcing that she will lead an EA-backed Montreal studio.

Here’s everything Electronic Arts unveiled during its E3 conference

Electronic Arts' E3 event featured a host of gameplay trailers and announcements, including the highly anticipated re-boot of the "Star Wars: Battlefront" franchise.

How to watch EA’s E3 press conference and what we expect

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst, Star Wars Battlefront, and a new Need for Speed game are on tap for 2015's EA press conference at E3. Here's where to watch it.

SimEverything studio Maxis is shut down

Electronic Arts has shut down Maxis Emeryville, the original Maxis studio and developer of SimCity, The Sims, and many other significant PC games over the last 28 years.

Battlefield Hardline Premium takes a new approach to season passes for add-ons

Battlefield Hardline's DLC season pass is required to unlock a number of in-game features, including cosmetic gun customization, expanded stat-keeping, and a Prestige-like "Legendary" system.

Come play Battlefield Hardline early during the free open beta in February

Play Visceral Games' Battlefield Hardline more than a month early in the game's multiplayer open beta, which runs from February 3 to February 8 on all platforms.

Plan your own Dragon Age: Inquisition bar crawl with free, downloadable tavern songs

BioWare offers up Dragon Age: Inquisition's "Tavern Songs," which can be heard in the game's taverns, as a free download for a limited time.

Need for Speed, Mirror’s Edge, and Plants vs. Zombies free on PlayStation RIGHT NOW

Electronic Arts gives PlayStation fans free downloads of Mirror's Edge, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, and Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, available until PSX ends on Sunday, 12/7.

Check out the TV cop drama style of Battlefield: Hardline’s story trailer

Visceral Games' latest peek at Battlefield: Hardline, revealed during 2014's Game Awards, gives a taste at the game's TV cop drama story inspirations.

Your guide to surviving the dungeon crawl in Dragon Age: Inquisition's multiplayer mode

Some tips to help you get started in Dragon Age: Inquisition's four-player cooperative mode, a loot-driven adventure with randomized dungeon crawls.