Tired of Evernote? Here’s how to quickly migrate everything over to OneNote

Curious about OneNote, but use Evernote? Well, Microsoft has a solution for quickly transferring all your Evernote content to OneNote. Here's how it works, and why you should give it a shot.

Microsoft casts its net to catch Evernote users with a new OneNote Importer tool

Microsoft wants to convince Evernote users that their note-taking tool, OneNote, is worth their while. To make it more palatable for Evernote users to try OneNote, Microsoft released an importer tool.

OS X 10.11.4 will bring Live Photos to the Mac

The upcoming El Capitan update 10.11.4, which is available now as a developer beta, focuses primarily on security and stability improvements. But it does include two new features.

Dropbox is working on a new note-taking app

Eagle-eyed users have spotted a new app hidden in the Dropbox platform. While nothing is official yet, it looks like the streamlined tool enables you to take notes and store them on the Web.

Productivity Pack nets you premium Pocket, Evernote, Wunderlist, and LastPass for $60

The Productivity Pack provides one-year subscriptions to the premium Pocket, Evernote, Wunderlist, and LastPass for $60. The bundle also includes an eight-week subscription to the New York Times All Digital Access.

Evernote and Feedly bogged down by DDoS attack in extortion attempt

Evernote and Feedly were targets in separate distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. The two companies, which have highly integrated services, have had varying results in their attempts to restore service to users.

How to use Evernote

Evernote may be one of the most capable note-taking software suits to ever hit the market, but it's also not the most user-friendly for beginners. Check our comprehensive guide on how to use Evernote so you can create, tag, organize and…

15 apps that make the most of iOS 7

Not every app in the Apple ecosystem has been optimized for iOS 7 quite yet. Check out some of the best that make use of the iPhone 5S' new 64-bit and M7 motion processor, as well as the operating system's flattened exterior design and…

App Review: Google Keep gets cozy with Google Now

Google's note taking service Keep just got an updated app for Android. New features like location and time-based reminders through Google Now, a new navigation drawer, multiple account support mean Google is hoping to give Evernote a run…

12 useful online services and apps for students

Before you send your student off to high school or even the far away world of college, you should consider signing them up for a few key services that will make learning, studying, and having fun a lot easier.

Hands on: Google Keep wants to be your new Evernote

Hot on the heels of its iOS party-finding app, Field Trip, Google has released its own Evernote competitor. Google Keep is designed to help you leave post its for yourself. We go hands on to try it out.
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Evernote saves some face, adds two-factor authentication

Due to the monumental security breach Evernote suffered recently, the company decided to adopt two-factor authentication and avoid future password attacks.