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Drone registration looms as task force outlines its recommendations

The Federal Aviation Administration and Department of Transportation on Monday took a big step toward unveiling its consumer drone registry. The task force has just reported its recommendations, with the system expected to launch in the…
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Drone registration will be easy so don’t pay a firm for help, FAA says

The drone registration process hasn't even been announced yet and firms are already trying to make a fast buck by offering help with registering. The FAA on Monday advised drone owners to "think twice" about paying, as the process will be…
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Google, Amazon, and Walmart invited to help shape drone registry rules

The government recently announced its intention to launch a drone database requiring owners to register their remotely controlled flying machines. On Thursday it emerged the likes of Amazon, Google, and Walmart will be helping to shape the…
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US drone operators will soon have to register their aircraft with the federal government

The Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Administration announced Monday drone owners will soon be required by law to register Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) with the federal government.
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Government to force all drone owners to register, details expected Monday

Drone buyers in the U.S. will soon be required to register their machines with the Department of Transportation, an NBC News report claims. Details of the plan, which is expected to be in place by Christmas, are expected to be announced on…
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Anti-drone shoulder rifle lets police take control of UAVs with radio pulses 1:29

The new DroneDefender from Battelle is a rifle-mounted anti-drone security system that uses radio pulses to disable a hostile drone without destroying it.
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FAA seeks tech solution to drones near planes: DT Daily 1:59

Beyond just making rules, FAA searches for tech solution to keep drones away from airports and planes, 'Light' camera has 16 lenses, looks like a smartphone.
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FAA to test anti-drone tech for pinpointing illegal operators near airports

With reports of drones flying near airports on the increase, the FAA is keen to find a solution before the unthinkable happens. As part of its efforts, the agency is working with a Virginia tech firm that's developed kit for locating…
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FAA proposes record $1.9M fine against drone operator for ‘unauthorized’ flights

A Chicago-based drone business is facing a hefty $1.9 million fine from the FAA for alleged unauthorized flights in airspace over New York City and Chicago, with some of the incursions apparently taking place close to busy airports.
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Prospect of a million new drones this Christmas raises eyebrows at FAA

This holiday season is likely to see record sales of quadcopters and similar remotely controlled devices, a prospect that's causing concern at the FAA as it seeks to encourage safe operation of the machines.
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No drones near the pope, please, says the FAA

"The FAA is reminding residents of and visitors to Washington, DC, New York, and Philadelphia that these cities and the surrounding communities are No Drone Zones from September 22 through September 27, 2015."
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FAA’s new app lays down the rules for drone flights

Wonder no longer about whether you're allowed to fly a drone in your current location, because the FAA's new mobile app will tell you exactly where the nearby prohibited areas are.