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How to share photos on Android (and our favorite apps to use)

We take our smartphones with us everywhere now, and they’re perfect for capturing those precious spontaneous shots. In this guide, we delve into the best ways to back up and share those photos with family and friends.
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Best Facebook Apps

Behold the best Facebook apps (applications) ever: We sort through the quizzes and virtual pet apps to bring you Facebook’s top games, utilities, productivity tools and more.

Facebook Paper is half social network, half Flipboard, and fully awesome

Facebook turns ten tomorrow, but today it reinvented its image with Paper. The social network and news reader hybrid changes the way that users interact with Facebook and is available for iOS devices.
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Digital secret keeper PostSecrets is not impressed with new app Whisper

Post Secret is probably THE online hub for secret telling, but it's not taking kindly to Whisper App, an upstart that offers an arguably similar service.
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Windows 8 finally gets its official Facebook app

At the Microsoft Build conference, CEO Steve Ballmer announced that an official Facebook app is on the way to Windows 8. It's been a long, hard wait, W8 users - and now it's over.
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Facebook ‘likes’ may soon tell companies everything about you

A new project by the University of Cambridge shows that by analyzing your Facebook likes, researchers (and companies) can determine everything from your sexual orientation to how intelligent you are, all without much effort at all.

Vaguely sexist On The Rebound app scours Facebook for newly single hookups

New Facebook app On The Rebound aims to find your next hookup right from the data on your profile's feed. But a quick session with the app leaves a sour taste for our female friends.

Best apps and updates of the week: Google Maps iOS, Final Fantasy, Pokedex

Google+ and Facebook both get an overhaul on Android and iOS, Flickr tries to fill in for Instagram with its latest update, Google Maps is back for iOS, Foldify and Pokedex should keep kids happy, Final Fantasy gets its groove on, and more…

Subtexter app will call you out on those Instagrammed sunsets

Sick and tired of cliche Instagram photos ruining your feed? Newcastle Brown Ale's Subtexter app will take those fancy pictures and tell it like it is.

Best apps and updates of the week: The Bowling Dead, Facebook Photo Sync, and more

Weeding through the offerings in the app store is no easy task. Don't dive in alone - let us provide some discretion to your downloads. This week saw updates to Google Drive, Rdio, Facebook, and more. Plus a new Android app to keep ads away…

Taploid turns your Facebook feed into a gossip magazine about your friends (and also crushes your soul)

If you ever feel like your social life is straight out of a gossip magazine, Taploid will make things literally appear that way.

SchoolFeed: The Facebook app everyone needs to avoid [Updated with SchoolFeed’s response]

Online yearbook service SchoolFeed uses deceptive practices to boost its numbers and hijack your Facebook data.