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Groupon is winning the clone wars

To say the daily deals market is over-saturated is to put it lightly, but the one that started them all is managing to stay on top and take out competitors at the same time. Still, it's long-term success is no where near assured.

Amazon targets Groupon with Amazon Local daily deals

Amazon Local will enter the highly lucrative daily deals market along with the rest of the Internet, most notably Groupon.

Google Offers beta spreads its daily deals to New York, San Fancisco

Google continues its quest to take on daily deals giant Groupon by launching Google Offers in New York City and San Francisco
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Google Offers vs. Groupon vs. Facebook Deals

Google, Facebook and Groupon all want a piece of the same pie, but which will dominate in the end? We compare Google Offers vs. Groupon vs. Facebook Deals to take a closer look at the daily deals arms race.
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The INQ Cloud Touch officially not a ‘Facebook phone’: Integrates Foursquare

Once-called the Facebook phone, the INQ Cloud Touch will now add a dedicated homescreen for fully-featured Foursquare services.
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Groupon and LiveNation partner to offer tickets to live events

The deal-a-day site expands and adds live events to its ever-growing list of customer coupons.

AT&T launching its own Groupon clone

AT&T joins the long list of Groupon mimics with a new discount site for local businesses.

Foursquare grew over 3,000 percent in 2010

Apparently no amount of over-saturation could keep Foursquare down, as the geo-social site announces its massive growth.

Gowalla 3.0 iPhone app integrates Facebook, Foursquare for unified user experience

The updated Gowalla app brings location-based services into one places, letting users enjoy features of its competitors in addition to its own.

Groupon announces expansion and scoops up Ludic Labs

While the Google-Groupon deal is still up in the air, the daily deals titan has made a few acquisitions itself, and is introducing its a more fully-featured format.

Did Google buy Groupon for $2.5 billion over the weekend?

It looks like the rumors may be true, and that Google has acquired Groupon in a $2.5-billion-dollar deal.

Yelp is the latest to offer rewards for check-ins

Following in the footsteps of its competitors, Yelp is now bringing check-ins and customer coupons to your phone.