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Microsoft’s Outlook now lets you attach Google Drive files and Facebook photos

Microsoft is updating Outlook with a number of new features, including support for attachments from both Google Drive and Facebook photos. The features are rolling out now and make attaching files a lot easier.

Facebook loses first stage of privacy lawsuit over photo-tagging feature

Facebook is set to face a privacy lawsuit regarding its photo-tagging feature after a federal district court Judge rejected the social network’s request to have the action dismissed.
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Snapchat users share 400 million images a day, as the app surpasses Facebook photo uploads

People are uploading photos to Snapchat like crazy - even more so than Facebook, and way more frequently than they do on Instagram. It's probably time to assume this isn't just a passing trend.
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Facebook reveals we upload a whopping 350 million photos to the network daily

If you still have doubts about how addicted you are to Facebook, these numbers should convince you once and for all.
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Turns out your smiley Facebook friends really are happier than you

Researchers at the University of Virginia found that the intensity of your smile in Facebook profile pictures can predict your future happiness. It might be time to delete that angry-sexy thing you've going.
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A 2012 article proposed a smarter version of Facebook Shared Albums

Shared Albums just launched, but ideas to make them smarter have been available since last year.
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Facebook brings friend-sourcing to photos with new Shared Photo Albums

You can soon make a photo album with your Facebook friends instead of having to ask everyone to mass email you all their photos from last weekend's rager.
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Likebook takes your Facebook Timeline and turns it into a real book

Providing a way to transfer a large chunk of your digital life to paper, Likebook is a service that takes nearly everything posted about you on Facebook and prints it out in a full-color book.
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Man ignoring child support payments busted due to Facebook photo

Basically providing the authorities with all the evidence needed for prosecution, a Wisconsin man that was skipping all child support payments thought it would be a great idea to publish several pictures of himself on Facebook holiding…
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Facebook will start giving your old, unpopular photos less attention

Facebook is sending all those older pictures to "cold storage" in an attempt to save money and energy.
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Woman faces felony after posting photo of undercover cop on Facebook

Definitely a terrible way to use Facebook, an attempt to search for the identify of an undercover officer lands one woman in hot water.
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NFL yanks replacement referee over Facebook photos

While sports teams are monitoring players on social networks like Facebook, it's clear that the NFL needs to monitor referees as well.