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Pixable adds Twitter, videos to its photo-curator application

Pixable will add Twitter images and videos to its list of aggregated images.


Google buys PittPatt: What does it mean for Google products?

Google acquires a face recognition technology company, which will likely fill out its Google+ photo application. Will the software be implemented across a variety of Google platforms as well?

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What you can export from Facebook and how

Facebook is happy to take in all the data it can -- it's getting that information back out that's a problem. Try as it might it can't block every extension: Here are a few ways to pull your data from Facebook.

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Four reasons Google+ photo feature is better than Facebook’s

Facebook has become the standard for mass photo-sharing, but Google+ has one-upped it with a few features.


What does Lytro mean for photography?

Lytro has grabbed our undivided attention, but while we click and refocus those gallery pictures in wide-eyed wonder, we have to ask what it will really mean for the digital photography industry.


Facebook and Apple go head-to-head over social-mobile tech?

A new patent from Apple revealing geo-social networking software and a few leaked Facebook mobile projects suggest the two industry titans may be edging in on one another's territory.


Facebook’s photo app: Dissecting the latest details

The allegedly leaked information on the Facebook photo app has fully surfaced, and here's our quick takeaway about what's (hopefully) bound for your iPhone.


Where did Color go wrong?

Was it too much too soon or just a flawed concept? Maybe it was just ahead of its time. Whatever the cause, photo-sharing app Color loses a co-founder and continues to flounder.


Facebook face recognition fallout: Should you be worried?

Facebook is once again under fire for its privacy settings, prompting an EU investigation and renewed user concern. But is facial recognition technology where we finally draw the line?


First look at Pixable Photofeed: One photo app to aggregate them all

Photofeed doesn't have all the bells, whistles, and trendy filters other photo apps do, but it has one thing most of them don't: Convenience.


Yahoo claims it won’t be ditching Flickr

Flagging numbers raise concerns that Yahoo will let Flickr go the way of Delicious, but the company insists the photo sharing client is here to stay.


Facebook knows what you look like, adds facial recognition to photos

It seems like an inevitable step. The world's social giant has introduced facial recognition to make tagging easier.


Turn your Facebook into an actual book with Ninuku Archivist

Ninuku Archivist wants to help you cherish all the memories you made on Facebook - and then delete them forever.

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