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Lock down your Facebook profile security with the social network’s new privacy tool

Worried about your Facebook privacy? Then you need to check out Facebook’s new profile security guide. The interactive tool, dubbed Privacy Basics, is a must for both newcomers and ardent users interested in maintaining their online…
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Facebook denies using your location data to suggest friends

Facebook is under scrutiny once again over privacy fears. This time the issue is its "people you may know" feature, which the social network has admitted uses your location to suggest friends. The good news is you can put a stop to it.

Facebook loses first stage of privacy lawsuit over photo-tagging feature

Facebook is set to face a privacy lawsuit regarding its photo-tagging feature after a federal district court Judge rejected the social network’s request to have the action dismissed.
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Facebook’s latest test feature notifies you if someone is impersonating your account

Facebook is reportedly testing a new feature that will alert you when someone is suspected of impersonating your account by using your name and photo. The function is already available in 75 percent of the world, with plans for further…

Student files privacy lawsuit against Facebook, gets 2,000+ people to join him

Facebook is under fire for privacy violations in Europe once again. Austrian law student Maximilian Schrems now has thousands of supporters in his class-action lawsuit against the social network.
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Loophole lets anyone see part of your Facebook friend list, even if it’s set to private

Facebook doesn't think it's a problem, but your friend list isn't as private as you think it is. Even if you're taking all the proper precautions, a security researcher found that pieces are accessible to strangers.
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This video proves we still don’t understand how much we’re sharing on social networks

This video, called Social Media Experiment, makes it all too clear how easy it is for complete strangers to learn a lot of intimate details about you.
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Here’s a Facebook game where nobody’s a winner

If you have nothing better to do, give yourself a refresher on Facebook security through this new game. Prepare to get a little scared.
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Facebook is axing an old feature, meaning you once again need to review your privacy settings

Those of you who already have your Facebook security and privacy settings locked down need not worry about this old security setting about to be removed. Everyone else, it's time to update.
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6 creepy things you might not know Facebook is doing

We get it, Facebook makes it money off collecting data - that's all well and good, but it also means we're allowed to get the heebie-jeebies about it sometimes. And these are six of those times.
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Everything you need to know about Facebook’s expanded Graph Search features

Here's everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask about Facebook's expanded Graph Search - and yes, you're probably going to need to fuss with your privacy setting again.
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Facebook identity fraud is up and you need to be careful

A stranger hacking into your Facebook account pretending to be you is inevitable, thanks to the willingness of most users to divulge personal info. Here are a few ways you can protect yourself.