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What’s a Facebook shadow profile, and why should you care?

A recent Facebook security scare has brought more attention to the state of Facebook shadow profiles - so what exactly are they and is there any reason why you need to care?
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Researchers say Facebook security breach affected more users than the social network admits

Facebook claims only 6 million users were affected by a bug in the Download Your Information tool, but researchers discovered it did a lot more damage. Should you be worried?
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Internet rages against Facebook security scare and concerns over ‘Shadow Profiles’ return

Facebook may have come clean about the security bug that exposed 6 million users' private data, but thousands of irked users refuse to accept the apology.
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Facebook says security mishap exposed 6 million users’ contact info

Facebook has announced a slightly serious security mishap: A bug in the Download Your Information (DYI) tool may have exposed your personal information.
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Facebook is trying to prevent scams and fake profiles, one locked account at a time

Having trouble logging into your Facebook today? Don't have a heart attack, it's just a way for the site to eradicate spam content and malicious profiles. But is uploading personal data the best way to prove to Facebook you are ... you?
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Facebook finally hides your phone number … after exposing it for nine months

It took Facebook 9 months to fix a bug that reveals your phone number, which prompts the question, can we truly keep our information private online? The answer, yet again: probably not.

This app wants to keep your Facebook account virus and hack free

As smartphones become increasingly at risk to malicious activity, one security company is targeting the issue with a new suite of smartphone-facing safeguards. Trend Micro releases an enhanced version of their mobile security app to amp up…
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Facebook explains how minors are getting special treatment when it comes to Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search gives users a revealing and sometimes embarassing look at other users, but Facebook has some measures in place to protect minors.

Facebook’s ‘Ask Our CPO’ is just more privacy PR

Facebook's new "Ask Our Chief Privacy Officer" feature aims to boost users' trust in the social network. But at this point, it could do more harm than good.
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Batten down your privacy settings; here comes Facebook Graph Search

Privacy advocates believe Facebook's new Graph Search feature may create a "discoverability problem" for users – one that could push them to finally get serious about their privacy settings.
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What your new Facebook Privacy Settings will look like

Will Facebook's new policies make it simpler to keep your info private, or just more confusing? Here is a look at what you can expect the social network to roll out to your account in the very near future.
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The real failure of Facebook’s fake democracy

Facebook's experiment with democracy failed. But it's not just that the social network set the threshold for votes too high; it's that the entire concept of forcing users to read staggeringly long legal documents is completely absurd.