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Facebook sued by father over ‘explicit’ photos of 12-year-old daughter

A Northern Ireland man has sued Facebook because his 12-year-old daughter was able to post "sexually explicit" photos to the social networking site. Is Facebook at fault?

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Facebook finally overhauls its privacy, sharing, and tagging systems

After mounting concerns over its privacy features and some pressure from new competitor Google+, Facebook is making some very noticeable changes to its site.

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Facebook phone contact list isn’t new – but here’s how you can remove it

Don't let that News Feed post making the rounds scare you: The contact list has nothing to go with Messenger and it's easy to wipe out. Calm down.


US regulations standing in the way of Netflix-Facebook integration

Netflix will introduce Facebook integration this year -- but US users will have to wait to see if a privacy law is amended first.


Privacy policies: Google+ vs. Facebook

Of all the comparisons between the two, how the privacy differences between Google+ and Facebook stack up might end up being the most important.

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Facebook blocks Google+ extension that pulls contacts

Back at it again: Facebook once again disables Google from exporting contacts from the site.

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Facebook alternative hopeful Altly inches closer to a launch

Altly begins the transition from stealth startup to social network, and it wants to show Facebook how privacy's done.

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Facebook PR fallout: Google’s Social Circle warrants another look

Facebook is currently entrenched in a PR nightmare, and while the social network is guilty of less than ethical media practices, maybe you should give your Google Social Circle the once-over anyway.

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What happens on the Internet stays on the Internet

Online, your past is out to get you — forever! Unless, of course, you're willing to pay a company hundreds of dollars a year to keep your online life from interfering with the real-world you.


Selective censorship: How to prepare your Facebook for college admissions

Somewhere between sending in personal essays and accruing community service, college hopefuls now must prepare their Facebook accounts for university scrutiny. Here's how to tidy up your high school debauchery and put your best face(book) forward.

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Facebook still wants to give developers your address and phone number

After terminating the controversial 'permission screen' last month, Facebook responds to government questions over offering up user phone numbers and addresses.

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Facebook translates privacy policy for non-legal experts

Facebook has cut down on its privacy policy's lawyer-speak in an attempt to accurately explain its guidelines to its users.

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Want a state job in Maryland? Hand over your Facebook password

After one man's interview requires a thorough Facebook inspection, the ACLU will challenge the state of Maryland's right to ask for account login information.

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Congress questions Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg over privacy concerns — again

Congressional privacy advocates have issued a letter questioning Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg over the social networking site's plans to let developers access users' private information.


Lolbot.Q holds Facebook account ransom for $11.60

PandaLabs has discovered two new strains of malware leveraging Facebook, including Lolbot.Q, which hijacks a user's account and requires a survey - and fees - to get it back.