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Facebook and the FTC talk new privacy policies

The FTC has announced its agreement with Facebook regarding its privacy investigation, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg comments on the evolution of the site's practices.
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Facebook reveals how and what it tracks

Facebook offers a rare glimpse into its user tracking and management system.
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Report: Facebook to change privacy settings to appease the FTC

Facebook is nearly an agreement with the FTC to change the default privacy settings on all Facebook accounts. The agreement will also open up Facebook to 20 years of privacy audits.
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Facebook accused of tracking users even after they delete accounts

Yet again, Facebook finds itself accused of installing cookies to follow its users - even after they've cut their ties with the social network.

Opinion: Unthink, Occupy Wall Street and the coming age of the anti-Facebook

While angry protesters seethe on Wall Street, the new social network Unthink picks up the same anti-corporate cry online. Will it stand up to behemoths like Google+ and Facebook, or wither amid consumer indifference?
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Is Facebook creating ‘shadow profiles’ for non-members?

A privacy watchdog group accuses Facebook of preemptively adding to its 800 million users.

Introducing Singly: Take back the power over your Web data

Singly wants to harness your information -- and give it to you and only you.
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Take This Lollipop makes Facebook stalking personal – and horrifying

Check out this short film that stars your Facebook profile and an incredibly disturbing cyber-stalker.
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Facebook sued for allegedly violating US wiretap law

Facebook has been hit with a new lawsuit that claims major violations of privacy through the use of a cookie that allegedly tracked users' activities after they logged out of the social network.
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Privacy groups and Congress want Facebook investigated for ‘super cookies’

Groups are lobbying for another Facebook investigation regarding privacy practices.
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Warning: Facebook Lists aren’t as private as you think

Facebook's new Lists feature might organize the site better but they have the potential to embarrass and overwhelm you.
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Facebook taking on Google+ Circles, introducing ‘Smart Lists’

Take that Google+: Facebook has begun rolling out its answer to Google Circles with a new focus on its Friend Lists feature, included an auto-intelligent grouping tool.