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Facebook will soon let you record and share videos as comments

Facebook users have noticed the ability to record and share video comments on posts from pages and friends. The social network is currently testing the update on a small group of people as a means to encourage users to express themselves…
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Facebook wants you to become an emoji

Facebook has been awarded a patent outlining a system that can turn popular emojis into corresponding images of users. The feature will likely utilize the social network's facial recognition software.
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Environmental disaster spurs a Facebook ban in Vietnam

Facebook appears to have been blocked by the Vietnamese government over the weekend in an attempt to prevent citizens from easily organizing protests over an environmental disaster.

Taiwanese couple parodies #Followmeto meme and it's hilarious

Forrest Lu and Agnes Chien, a Taiwanese couple, are in the limelight after releasing these hilarious images as a parody of the incredibly popular #followmeto meme. Their post has gone viral, reaching more than 135,000 likes and over 39,000…
Virtual Reality

Facebook’s Here and Now VR film puts you in New York’s Grand Central Station

Explore Grand Central Station in 'Here and Now,' Facebook's first VR film shot with its recently announced Surround 360 camera rig -- that's right, the 360-degree camera that costs $30,000 to build.
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Does Twitter’s new ‘Live’ streaming button signal the end for Periscope app?

Twitter for Android is testing a new "Live" camera button that connects to Periscope, allowing users to quickly launch live broadcasts. The feature sees Twitter once again playing catch-up with rival Facebook Live.
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Facebook launching Slideshow feature with real songs courtesy of Warner Music

Facebook is licensing popular songs from Warner Music for a new Slideshow feature that will let users add soundtracks to their photo and video collages. The social network confirms that the update is being tested in Australia this week.
Virtual Reality

Oculus VR aims to do some good with virtual reality through new social initiative

Oculus VR has launched a new initiative called VR For Good, which kickstarts two programs: one for high schools, and one for nonprofits and filmmakers. Students will have access to the Ricoh Theta S 360 camera while nonprofits will get the…

Instagram is bringing detailed in-app analytics to business profiles

As part of its upcoming business profiles, Instagram will release Facebook-style analytics to help brands better measure activity and engage with their audiences. The metrics would provide better insights than comments or likes.
DT Daily

Facebook’s Zuckerberg sets up big meeting over news feed flap 2:30

Facebook says that CEO Mark Zuckerberg will be meeting this week with about a dozen conservative figures to talk about the news feed content situation. Plus, Starbreeze VR system gets boost from Acer pact, Google wants you in…

The history of social networking

Social networking didn't start with Facebook. We examine the history of social networking, from BBSes and Friendster to Diaspora and beyond.

Activision partners with Facebook for esports streaming expansion

Asserting that esports is "a cultural phenomenon at its tipping point," publisher Activision Blizzard announced that it will expand its MLG.tv streaming platform via a newly established partnership with Facebook.