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Facebook will have 5 billion users by 2030 predicts Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg claims that 5 billion users will be on Facebook by 2030. The announcement comes as the social network celebrates its 12th anniversary by emphasising its role in helping people create friendships online.
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Facebook reveals extensive list of things you care about — and some of it is outright strange

As part of the launch of its Audience Optimization Tool, Facebook has publicly made available the complete list of users' interests on its platform. From emotions to celebrities, find out all the random things millions of people like on the…
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Facebook is planning a ride-sharing feature for its Events pages

A patent application filed by Facebook reveals that the social network wants to introduce a ride-sharing feature to its Events pages. The update will allow users to find and share rides with other attendees of the same event.
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How Facebook is profiting off the 2016 presidential election

By November of this year, one candidate will have won the 2016 presidential election, many will have lost, and Facebook will have profited. American elections, which continue to grow more expensive, have learned the power of social media.
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3G internet just arrived for Myanmar farmers, but they've had Facebook for ages

While Google and Twitter might vie for users in the West, in Myanmar no one has even heard of it. They're Facebook users through and through and have had active accounts well before they had access to 3G internet.
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Private gun sales are now banned on Facebook, Instagram

Pushing back against anyone that was selling firearms on Facebook without a background check, representatives of the social network are now prohibiting the sale of guns through either Facebook or Instagram.
DT Daily

Apple is working on a wireless charging solution for iPhone | DT Daily 2:31

Apple is reportedly working on a wireless charging solution that wouldn't require a special mat, but would charge its phones over a "long distance." The new feature won't be seen in the iPhone 7, but could arrive in 2017.
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Parse is no more — Facebook shuts down its mobile developer platform

In a rare admission of defeat (if you can call it that), social media giant Facebook has announced plans to shut down Parse, the mobile developer platform it acquired back in 2013 for a cool $85 million.
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Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth soars overnight to a lofty $47 billion

Following a massive overnight growth in stock, Mark Zuckerberg has beaten out the Koch Brothers on the "rich list," with a net worth of $47 billion, making him the sixth wealthiest person on the planet.
DT Daily

Facebook banks $1 Billion in profit thanks to mobile ad revenue | DT Daily 2:55

Today on DT Daily: Facebook pulled $1 Billion in pure profit last year, Apple has issued a recall on power adapters, and the iconic DeLorean is coming back in 2017.
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Facebook announces record 2015 profits, driven by increases in mobile

Facebook announced record earnings for Q4 2015 and the full year, exceeding expectations. The company attributes the positive results to increases in mobile users and mobile advertising.

Facebook will augment the basic ‘Like’ with anger, sadness, laughter, but no dislike 0:30

Facebook has unveiled a new pack of reactions for status updates, letting the 1.4 billion social network users send more than a like to friends. Sadly, for those hoping for a dislike button, it is not there.