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When unfriending isn’t enough, here’s how to block someone on Facebook

Need a break from an abusive Facebook friend or someone you simply can't stand? This guide will show you how to block them entirely, or keep them from constantly filling your News Feed with unwanted posts.
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Tired of Clinton and Trump? How to block political posts on Facebook

Political banter on social media can be quite unsavory to say the least. Here are a few ways to rid your Facebook News Feed of politics, so you won't have to endure another post regarding Trump or Clinton again.
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Facebook now lets you use Google Cast or AirPlay to stream video on your TV

Want to enjoy Facebook videos on your TV instead of smartphone? Facebook has enabled a new feature on its mobile app that allows you to do so. Simply click the button, hit the TV icon, and select which device you want to stream to.
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Without human oversight, Facebook’s trending algorithm features fake news

There have been many reports of fake, satirical, or downright wrong news stories being promoted on Facebook through its Trending stories ever since the social network removed most human oversight from the process.
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Did you register to vote? Chances are good that Facebook played a role

Clicktivism has evolved into action. According to election officials, Facebook has driven "substantial increases" in voter registration numbers the country over, and all it took was a 17-word reminder.
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Facebook, Twitter cut off surveillance tool used by police to monitor protesters

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are cutting ties with a social media surveillance company after a report by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) claimed it was being used by the police to target protesters.
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Facebook launches paid networking plaform Workplace as a rival to Slack

The ban on Facebook at your workplace could soon be lifted if the social network has its way. A new report claims Facebook will launch its "At Work" enterprise communications network within the next few weeks.
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Let friends know you're safe from Hurricane Matthew with Facebook Safety Check

As Hurricane Matthew continues to wreak havoc upon the Atlantic coast, Facebook has once again activated its Safety Check to allow users alert their friends and family that they have remained out of harm's way.
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Facebook launches social events app in the hope of replacing your calendar

"Events by Facebook" is a new app that harnesses the power of Facebook Events Pages to help users discover things to do in their city, and around the U.S. Will it be another standalone hit for the social network?
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Report: Facebook in talks with White House to introduce Free Basics in the U.S.

Facebook is reportedly preparing to introduce its free internet program in the U.S., having faced opposition abroad. Free Basics by Facebook was banned in India earlier this year. Will it suffer a similar fate at home?

Tech giants distance themselves from Yahoo-style surveillance allegations

Following the explosive report on Yahoo's mass surveillance collaboration with the NSA, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft have all released statements denying that they’ve ever carried out any similar sorts of surveillance.
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Facebook halts Marketplace rollout to deal with influx of illicit listings

Facebook is stopping the rollout of its Marketplace in order to stamp out the illegal listings that made it on to the digital commerce service. Among the prohibited items spotted for sale on the forum were adult services, animals, and guns.