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Facebook tastes its own medicine, forced to hand over user information

Facebook has lost its appeal on blocking a number of New York search warrants. A unanimous ruling held that social media giant "does not have the power to ask a judge to throw out search warrants before they have been executed."
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Messenger app giving Facebook’s own main app a run for its money

Facebook's Messenger app is getting more and more popular these days. So much so, that it actually has been downloaded more times in the last 2.5 years than Facebook's own main app.
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More and more parents are joining Facebook, so be careful what you say, kids

A new Pew Research Center study reveals that a growing number of parents are using Facebook either to provide or receive "parenting-related information and social support," either because parents are hipper or Facebook's users are older.

Uber hit with $7m fine in California, regulators threaten to suspend service

Uber has been hit with a hefty $7.3 million fine for failing to provide California regulators with data it's been asking for since last year. The ride-sharing outfit has 30 days to appeal, or face a ban on its service in its home state.
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Facebook testing digital stores within site as part of e-commerce push

Facebook said this week it's planning to give businesses the chance to create "mini e-commerce sites" as part of their presence on the social networking site, a move that would offer users an end-to-end shopping experience.
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Amazon dangles deals in ‘Prime Day’ promotion: DT Daily 1:24

Today on DT Daily: Amazon.com is working hard to lure in shoppers with their Christmas-In-July sale known as "Prime Day," and Adobe's Flash player tech takes hit after hit following the Hacker Team document release.
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Twitter, Facebook becoming dominant news sources for more American adults

A new study from the Pew Research Center shows that an increasing number of adult Americans is getting its current-events news from either Twitter or Facebook – affirming a trend that began in the last couple of years.
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Custom fit: How to specify who you ‘See First’ in your Facebook feed

Facebook's latest feature, "See First," lets you prioritize posts from specified people and pages. Check out our simple guide on how to implement the feature using your iOS device.
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Brazil’s sin-free version of Facebook gets cease-and-desist letter from real Facebook

Facegloria is Brazil’s G-rated version of Facebook, and it already has 100,000 users. The site has strict rules against swearing, nudity, and more. But its immediate popularity has also caught Facebook's attention, in a cease-and-desist…

Researchers can tell if you’re well dressed – with math

Can style be defined by statistics? A new model developed by researchers from IRI and the University of Toronto suggests that it can, and it might help take the guesswork out of fashion trends.

Is Facebook working on a Messenger assistant powered by real people?

Facebook is reportedly considering launching a new Messenger feature called Moneypenny that'll allow users to communicate in real-time with human assistants to find information on products and services, and even get help with purchases.
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Department of irony? Facebook limits free speech in Russia, says Putin aide

Facebook is being accused of censorship in Russia after the company deleted a purportedly offensive slang term to describe Ukrainians that was posted by a government official.