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Warriors/Kings contest to live-stream on Facebook tonight

The Golden State Warriors are one of the NBA's most popular teams. They'll be on full display tonight on Facebook, as the social media titan live-streams their game with the Kings -- for India users only.
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Facebook has hired Campbell Brown of CNN to lead its News Partnerships team

Campbell Brown announced on Friday that she would be "joining Facebook to lead its News Partnerships team." The former NBC News correspondent and CNN prime-time host took (of course) to Facebook to make the announcement.
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Have a question for His Holiness? Ask it through his Facebook Messenger bot

If you're a Facebook user, head over to Messenger and check out what just might become your new favorite chatbot. Its name is Missiobot and it allows you to speak (sort of) with Pope Francis.
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Facebook now offers auto-subtitling for Page videos

Facebook has quietly rolled out its auto-subtitling function for videos to Facebook Pages in the United States. The AI-assisted feature, first released for video ads last year, provides captions for English-language clips via an automated…
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Mark Zuckerberg’s political ambitions under the spotlight after recent activity

Is Mark Zuckerberg seeking a role in government? The Facebook founder's political ambitions have come to light via a SEC filing by his company and his own statesman-like Facebook post published this week.

Browser extension unveils the hidden tags Facebook gives your photos

Adam Geitgey has produced a clever browser extension that reveals the tags that Facebook's automated image recognition program applies to your photos when you upload them to your profile.
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Mark Zuckerberg plans to travel to every state for his new year’s resolution

Mark Zuckerberg will be hitting the road to visit every state with his wife Priscilla Chan in tow as part of his latest “personal challenge.” The Facebook CEO claims he wants to hear more voices and make interactions offline.
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Facebook censors 'explicitly sexual' nude statue of Neptune

Facebook is courting controversy once again following its removal of a photo of an iconic Italian statue of Neptune. The company claims it violates its nudity policy, but the user who uploaded it is not taking the matter lying down.
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Facebook celebrates 2016 by showing off its best hackathon-developed products

Facebook is celebrating 2016 by showing off some of its favorite hackathon-developed products, including a richer Safety Check, Account Kit instant verification, and "adaptive attachments."
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Fake news stories lead to Facebook Safety Check alert for an incident that never occurred

Facebook users in Thailand were asked to mark themselves as safe on Tuesday after a rash of fake news related to an explosion caused the site's Safety Check feature to be errantly activated.
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U.S. Customs and Border Protection now asks foreign travelers for social media info

International travelers looking to visit the United States via the visa-waiver program are now being asked to include information on their online presence, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube account names.
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Want free books? Just spread the word about Honest Few

Meet Honest Few, a new book discovery platform that takes your Facebook likes and Twitter retweets and turns them into currency for digital books. Simply spread the good word of Honest Few, and start collecting e-books for free.