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No stopping Instagram: App joins the billion-downloads club on Google Play

Instagram has become just the 19th app to hit a billion downloads on the Google Play Store. The milestone marks Facebook's fourth entry on the exclusive list, further cementing its dominance in the mobile app market.
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Facebook's Lifestage app connects classmates, resurrecting its 2004 model

Lifestage, which is only available for iOS devices at the moment, describes itself on the App Store as the social network that “makes it easy and fun to share a visual profile of who you are with your school network."
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Your Facebook photos could be betraying important biometric data

Researchers in the security and computer vision fields from the University of North Carolina suggest that all it takes to get past certain facial recognition technology is some Facebook stalking and 3D rendering.
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Facebook just announced Lifestage, and you're probably too old for it

Facebook is trying to recapture a younger audience, and has announced the launch of a new social media network called Lifestage, which was built by a 19-year-old and is for those who are under 21.

Facebook lays foundation for its own PC gaming platform by making publishing easier

Facebook has announced plans to make publishing games to the social media service easier for Unity developers. It's laying the groundwork for its long-term goal of a dedicated PC gaming platform.
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Amazon puts pilot episodes of 10 of its original shows on Facebook and YouTube

Amazon has placed 10 pilot episodes of its original series -- five for adults, five for children -- on it's YouTube channel, and will post them to Facebook video soon in an effort to boost subscribers.

Messaging app Hike could start giving WhatsApp a run for its money in India

Meet Hike, a four-year-old messaging app that is now valued at an impressive $1.4 billion following its latest $175 million round of funding. So watch out, Whatsapp -- you may not have as firm a grip on the Asian market as you…
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Ordering Domino’s is as easy as typing ‘pizza’ in Messenger

It may just be the easiest food around, and now, it's also the easiest food to order. Domino's has officially launched its Facebook Messenger chatbot that lets you order a pie with just one word -- "PIZZA."
DT Daily

The iPhone 7 may not surprise us, but it’s still a killer phone 2:48

Leaked images suggest we know what the iPhone 7 will look like and feature, but lacking surprise shouldn't steal its thunder.
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Facebook tinkers with its News Feed to show you more ‘informative stories’

Facebook is once again upgrading its News Feed ranking system in order to personalize the content you see. This time its focus is on bringing you more "informative" stories from people and pages you follow.
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Nice try: Facebook update disables Adblock Plus reblocking filter

Facebook and Adblock Plus are at war over the social network's HTML ads. The ad-blocking tool has now unveiled a filter it says can reblock Facebook ads, but Facebook is updating its code that will disable the workaround.
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Facebook adds more control over ads to customize and improve user experience

Facebook has spent the last few years analyzing how best to optimize its ads for a better -- and less distracting -- user experience. Now, it has unveiled improved ad controls in hopes of improving the experience for users.