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Your search is over: Facebook lets you skip straight to the best part of live videos

You'll no longer have to sit through Facebook Live videos to find something of interest -- Facebook will now include a timeline of reactions, helping you skip to the best part without having to watch an entire video.
Movies & TV

Watch the NBC trailer that has 40 million Facebook views and counting

NBC may have a hit on its hands, at least if the response to its This Is Us trailer is any indication. The preview for the upcoming dramedy series has reached more than 40 million views on Facebook in a week, a record for an…
Virtual Reality

Oculus DRM debacle continues as Revive resurrects itself, cracks Oculus store

You don't even need to have bought the games to get Oculus Home working on your Vive any more, thanks to the latest Revive update. That wasn't the intention, but the developers felt that Oculus' crackdown forced their hand.
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Chewbacca mom viral video shatters Facebook Live records

What do you get when you cross a mom, a talking Chewbacca mask, and Facebook Live? The answer is a record-breaking viral video that's taking the Internet by storm, and making a star out of a 38-year-old mother of two.
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Facebook political bias? Glenn Beck says he’s seen no evidence of it

Facebook's top brass met with 16 conservative leaders on Wednesday to discuss recent allegations against the company of political bias. Radio host Glenn Beck said afterward he'd found "no evidence of a top-down initiative to silence…
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The Zuck met with conservatives over news bias claims, and here’s what happened

Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday met with leading conservatives to discuss recent allegations of news bias at Facebook. The CEO insisted he wants to "build trust" with those who suspect the site suppresses stories from conservative news…
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Facebook’s new Live Video map lets you drop in on strangers around the world

Facebook has launched a map that lets you quickly access Live Video streams around the world. Similar to a feature offered by rival service Periscope, users can see exactly where a broadcast is coming from and drop in on a stranger with a…

Facebook: We were wrong to remove emotional father-son photo

Facebook removed an image of a father with his ill son in the shower – twice – without warning or explanation, despite it not breaking any community standards. Facebook told us it was mistake, but it highlights the complexity of…
Social Media

Facebook wants you to become an emoji

Facebook has been awarded a patent outlining a system that can turn popular emojis into corresponding images of users. The feature will likely utilize the social network's facial recognition software.
Social Media

Environmental disaster spurs a Facebook ban in Vietnam

Facebook appears to have been blocked by the Vietnamese government over the weekend in an attempt to prevent citizens from easily organizing protests over an environmental disaster.

Taiwanese couple parodies #Followmeto meme and it's hilarious

Forrest Lu and Agnes Chien, a Taiwanese couple, are in the limelight after releasing these hilarious images as a parody of the incredibly popular #followmeto meme. Their post has gone viral, reaching more than 135,000 likes and over 39,000…
Virtual Reality

Facebook’s Here and Now VR film puts you in New York’s Grand Central Station

Explore Grand Central Station in 'Here and Now,' Facebook's first VR film shot with its recently announced Surround 360 camera rig -- that's right, the 360-degree camera that costs $30,000 to build.