This high-tech camera vest gives your pooch a shot at social media stardom 1:50

There are a growing number of gadgets and gizmos that we can stick on our dog, but how many of them take photos and post them to Facebook? Pedigree's "Posting Vest" may only be a prototype at this stage, but we bet there's a…
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Facebook gets silly with animated profile videos from Vine, Boomerang, and more

Facebook has launched a new Snapchat-style tool that allows users to customize their profiles using animated videos. The "Profile Expression Kit" integrates with video apps including Vine, Boomerang, and more.
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VR, 360 cameras, and Chatbots, oh my! Here’s everything you missed from Facebook’s F8

Did you miss the keynote for Facebook's F8 developers conference? Luckily for you, we've put together a round up of every big announcement at the conference -- from 360-degree cameras to chatbots, it's all here!

Facebook and Microsoft may offer equal pay, but women in tech still earn less

Happy Equal Pay Day! Numerous tech giants may say they offer equal pay, but they still have a huge gender disparity in their workforce. Facebook added only 1 percent to its female tech global workforce in 2015, pushing it to a measly 16…
Virtual Reality

Zuckerberg’s vision for the future of VR is ordinary glasses with extraordinary powers

Facebook's 10-year roadmap includes a huge push into virtual reality -- but also a move into augmented reality. CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave us a peek at a normal-looking pair of glasses, that will soon offer a new way to communicate with each…

Facebook wants to set standard for VR capture with Surround 360 camera

VR cameras have had somewhat of a slow start, but Facebook hopes to change that. The company has announced Surround 360, a completely open-source VR camera that could be the new standard in 360-degree video capture.
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Facebook simplifies your digital life with faster logins, speedy quote sharing, and more

Facebook announced Account Kit at its F8 developer conference, which allows people to sign in with just a phone number or email address. Also unveiled were a 'Save to Facebook' button, and an easier way to share quotes to Facebook.
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Facebook is killing email forwarding: Here’s how to disable it on your account

As of May 1, 2016 Facebook email forwarding will stop. This service is the last remnant of Facebook's otherwise discontinued email service. We tell you how to turn off automatic forwarding ahead of time.
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Senator proposes $25,000 reward for social media terrorism tipsters

Sen. Charles Schumer is proposing a bill that would reward social media tipsters who help foil terrorism attacks in the U.S. Schumer believes that lucrative financial incentives for public informants will help combat the rise of extremism…
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Facebook-Ticketmaster partnership lets you buy tickets right from your news feed

Facebook's new business partnership with Ticketmaster will let you buy gig and events tickets through the social network. The move will see the e-retailer integrate with the main Facebook site and its Messenger chat service.

Copy/paste be gone! You can now share Dropbox files straight from Messenger

Copy/paste is so 2015. Now, instead of having to copy shareable links for Dropbox, the service will integrate straight into Facebook Messenger, where you can browse through your files and then send them to your contacts.
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Real Glocks that look like Nintendo Zappers are all the rage on social media

One is a Nintendo Zapper, a peripheral for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The other is a real gun painted to look like a Nintendo Zapper. Glocks modded to look like NES Zappers are making the rounds on social media.