Sony Ericsson teases Walkman music phone with heavy Facebook integration

Sony has unveiled its next generation Walkman music phone. Dubbed the "Live with Walkman," the Android 2.3 phone comes with deep Facebook integration, allowing media sharing.

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Facebook’s live feed ‘Ticker’ rolling out to more users

While the Top News feed is likely going to remain the same for the time being, Facebook is launching a new method for users to watch every single action that's happening in real-time with friends.

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Silicon Valley vs. Silicon Alley: Can New York compete with the best of the west?

New York City may be a hub of advertising, media and finance, but when it comes to tech, the lure of Silicon Valley often sends talent from the Big Apple packing west. Can anything get techies to stick around?


StumbleUpon accounts for half of all U.S. social media traffic on the Web

Are Web users in the United States more likely to use StumbleUpon over Facebook for sharing the latest YouTube video of a giant cat attempting to fit inside a tiny cardboard box?

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North German State bans websites from using Facebook ‘Like’ plug-in

A North German State is cracking down on Facebook US, threatening to fine websites for using the 'Like' button

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Yahoo and Facebook testing the six degrees of separation

Is everyone on Facebook connected by six people? Yahoo and the world's largest social network want to find out.

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Google+ suggests Facebook blocked its invite links

Users speculate that Facebook was blocking Google+ invites from the News Feed, which Facebook denies. Simple technical error, or is the G+ pressure started to get to Facebook?

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Eye-tracking software shows how Google+ ads could line up against Facebook’s

Eye-tracking reveals that Google+ could show Facebook a little ad competition...now it just needs that user base.

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Man sentenced for stealing over $50K using information found on Facebook

Be careful of a next-door neighbor that's more interested in becoming your Facebook friend than simply being neighborly. A Newcastle man is sent to prison for using private information to steal large amounts of money.

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Two UK men given jail terms for inciting violence through Facebook

Two men from the UK were each jailed for four years on Tuesday for inciting violence using Facebook.

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Twitter, Facebook, Skype and foursquare are all coming to the Playstation Vita

The Playstation Vita users will be able to download social networking apps from Facebook, Twitter, foursquare, and Skype.

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Embracing social media, for better or for worse

The world praised social sites when the Facebook-powered Jasmine Revolutions swept through the Middle East and gave citizens a voice. But now that it's being used to thwart authorities stateside, restrictions are being discussed.


Infographic: A short history of social media

A look back on the quick rise of social networking.

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Woman accused of hiring hitman through Facebook

In case you weren't already aware, offering to pay someone to commit murder on Facebook is a good way to end up in jail.

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President Obama aims to become mayor… on Foursquare

Foursquare is the latest social network to receive President Obama's seal of approval.

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