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Win two hours with Russell Simmons, and other social ways to win this week

Win a free round of golf, and HP laptop, an iPad, or just plain old cash. All you have to go is log on, sign up, and go ahead and use the social sites you spend too much time on anyway.
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Miss Netiquette’s guide to Facebook

The Internet is a wonderful if confusing world – and that’s why you sometimes need to be pointed in the right direction. Lucky for you, some of us spend far too much time online and logged in – and that wealth of experience translates…
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5 big things big data just revealed about Facebook users

Wolfram Alpha just completed a massive study of Facebook, and found some interesting new facts about how we talk on Facebook, what type of people are using the network, and how age plays into the platform.
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Man arrested after selling his grandson on Facebook

Three people are in custody in India following the attempted sale of a kidnapped baby on Facebook, with one of the three being the child's own grandfather. He had told his daughter that her child had died during birth.

Zynga’s downward spiral continues as it shutters four more games

In 2010, Zynga was more valuable than Madden NFL maker Electronic Arts. Not anymore. Zynga is closing even more social network games as 2012 earnings disappoint. This includes The Ville, the Facebook game targeted in an EA lawsuit.
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Facebook makes a tiny change in its logo

Facebook's undergoing a lot of updates, with its logo seeing the most recent one. What changed? The new Facebook logo becomes even more simplified with the removal of the blue line under the Internet-ubiquitous “F” symbol we’ve all…

Despite 2-star rating, Facebook Home breaks 500,000 downloads

Facebook Home has been downloaded over a half a million times in its first ten days, but concerns over privacy settings have led to a grim 2-star user rating, at least in part.
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Nab yourself a celebrity mentor and other social ways to win this week

You can win a chance to be mentored by celebrities, a Gibson guitar, or $5,000 in cash from this week's round up of social media contests.
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Twitter gets in the TV biz, partners with BBC America

It seems like everyone wants a piece of the rapidly evolving media landscape that is television, and apparently Twitter is no exception. A recent tweet by BBC America indicates a partnership with between it and Twitter for a new kind of…
Cool Tech

Durex classes up the wearable tech space with “Fundawear”

If you thought Skype and Facetime had broken technological barriers in phone sex, wait until you see app-controlled vibrating underwear.
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The doctor will see you now: How the Internet and social media are changing healthcare

The Internet offers more than WebMD searches to find out what that headache really means. But how should we - and doctors - navigate this tricky space? While patients are in danger of self-diagnosing and getting too friendly with…
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Who’s tracking you online? This app can tell you – and stop them

As companies like Facebook and Google bulk up their tracking efforts, it might feel like it's you against the Internet. Luckily, apps like Disconnect pop up to combat invasive data collecting.