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Facebook puts a new spin on mobile messaging with Chat Heads [Updated]

Facebook introduced a new and native way to chat with your friends through Facebook Home called Chat Heads. With great design and impressive function, Chat Heads could be a great alternative to some of the clunkier experiences out there…

HTC First launched, the first and so far, only phone to feature Facebook Home (Updated)

Following the announcement of the Facebook Home launcher application, it was revealed the software would also be available pre-loaded on a new phone, the HTC First. Available exclusively through AT&T, it's out on April 12.

Facebook Home refocuses your Android phone on ‘people, not apps’

After a week of growing expectation, Facebook has revealed its Facebook Home collection of apps during a special event at its California headquarters, which replaces the home screen on your Android phone.

Rumor Roundup: The 3-year history of the fabled ‘Facebook Phone’ (Updated)

This week could see one of the most enduring smartphone-related rumors come to an end, as Facebook may reveal the Facebook Phone, or the software which may end up running on such a device. Here's a roundup (and a little history) on all the…
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Leak: Is this what Facebook Home will look like?

Following details on the software's functionality and the device on which it may launch, we've now been treated to a leak giving us our first look at Facebook Home, the new software from the social network expected to launch at an event…
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Everybody, calm down! Facebook brings back the ability to delete your Graph Searches

Facebook users might have noticed that the tab search your Graph Search history disappeared, but Facebook said that it was simply a bug that's been fixed. Thankfully, everything is back in working order and all this incriminating and…

Psst, wanna buy a photo? Some apps are hawking prints of your Instagram shots

Facebook's Terms and Conditions are wrought with holes that third-party apps are able to grab friends' photos and create memorabilia.
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HTC First, AKA the Facebook Phone, leaked ahead of special event

The HTC First has been leaked, and its believed to be the long-rumored Facebook Phone. Expected to launch on Thursday alongside Facebook's new Android software, the First could be the retail name of the rumored HTC Myst.
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SEC rules in favor of Netflix CEO’s Facebook post, execs now free to overshare

Last year, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings found himself in hot water over a Facebook status update celebrating his company's success. Turns out, the SEC says his sharing was okay - so if your company is doing amazingly well, go ahead and take to…
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To Russia with Internet restrictions: Russia’s child-safety plan is more censorship than good sense

Russia is the latest government to impose harsh Web regulations. The new laws are supposedly working to keep children safe from harmful online content, but the overreach of what's being blacklisted is majorly concerning.
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Welcome to the all-knowing, very searchable, saturated world of the hashtag

We're officially reached hashtag saturation. The once Twitter-only tool has transcended from tweets to Flickr, to Path, to Instagram - and soon, to Facebook. Of course, it's also infiltrating the way we speak. We're living in the era of the…