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Five Facebook privacy stories that you may have missed this week

Facebook has brought innumerable privacy issues to light. We've rounded up five Facebook privacy stories that you may have missed from this week.
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Facebook sold you out, changed its mind, and now it’s getting sued

From 2008 to 2010, Facebook allowed Profile Technology to index user profiles, then pulling the access. Now the data crawler is fighting back.
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Facebook gets strict with new Open Graph rules and tries to tone down all the over-sharing

Facebook has updated its Open Graph features and actions to decrease the volume of content shared automatically.
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Facebook accused of creative accounting to minimize UK taxes

Is Facebook under-reporting its British earnings in order to take advantage of a lower tax rate in Ireland? New reports coming out of the United Kingdom seem to suggest so.

How iOS 6 is elbowing in Google and Facebook’s turf

While iOS 6 has inspired plenty of user backlash, Apple's ability to undermine and intrude on the smartphone industry should look like a threat to Google and Facebook, both of which need to make their stamp on the mobile market.
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New Chrome plugin reveals what you’re worth to Facebook, Google

PrivacyFix, a new plugin for Chrome, tells you how much money you generate for Facebook and Google.
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British man sentenced to 12 weeks in jail as result of Facebook posts

A British man who posted messages on Facebook about a missing girl has been sentenced to 12 weeks in jail as a result of his actions, described by the court as "abhorrent" and deserving of the harshest possible sentence.
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Facebook gets Pinspired with new brand-facing Collections feature

A new tool for brands, Collections, gives retailers a Pinterest-like way to prompt users to make collections and wishlists out of their products.
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Facebook scans private messages for brand page mentions, admits a bug is boosting Likes

Some suspicious Like counts suggest that Facebook is scanning private messages and hitting the Like button for its users accordingly.
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Facebook gets philosophical with ‘Chairs are like Facebook’ ad

Facebook, in an uncharacteristic move, released its first branded video titled, "The Things That Connect Us."
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Welp, Facebook now has 1 billion active users

We knew this day was coming, and now it's here: Facebook has officially surpassed 1 billion active users.
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Facebook rolls out Promoted Post testing to the U.S., and so far, users like

Facebook begun testing Promoted Posts, which users can pay for better and longer newsfeed placements, in the U.S.