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Ten-year old hacker finds vulnerabilities in mobile games

Named CyFi, she used system clocks to exploit vulnerabilities in FarmVille-style games.

Zynga launching a new version of CityVille in mainland China

Can Zynga repeat their massive success of casual, social games in the Chinese market? A new version of CityVille is launching in China in the next few days.

Google invests in Farmville-maker Zynga: Bad for Facebook?

A new SEC filing by Facebook's most prominent game-maker, Zynga, shows that Google has also invested in the company.

Zynga may file for IPO as early as tomorrow

Reputable sources are saying that Zynga may file for an initial public offering as early as tomorrow.

Zynga IPO imminent?

An exclusive report suggests the Facebook game publisher is ready to go public and reap its rewards.

Lady Gaga partners with Zynga for GagaVille, featuring unicorns and crystals

Lady Gaga and Zynga partner up to promote the pop star's new album with the themed FarmVille farm GagaVille and and a daily Words With Friends contest.

Zynga RewardVille will deepen social gaming addictions

There's a new "ville" to add to the Zynga family. RewardVille will connect the developer's various social games and give players more incentives.

Turning to tech: How to aid Japan relief efforts

Ordinary services like iTunes, Groupon and Facebook are making it easier to help make your contribution to post-tsunami relief efforts.

Is FarmVille-maker Zynga really worth $10 billion?

Zynga, producer of popular social games like FarmVille and Mafia Wars, has been valued at $10 billion after a recent funding round landed the company $500 million in new investments.

WSJ: Zynga’s value may reach as high as $9 billion

Zynga, the gaming company responsible for those barn-related messages appearing in your Facebook news feed, is attracting some big time valuation figures, according to a new report.

Facebook revenue to reach $2 billion this year

Facebook is on track to gross $2 billion this year, an astounding number that, if true, means it has more than doubled its revenue from last year.

Smurf’s Village swipes Angry Birds’ top spot, for now

The king of mobile gaming, Angry Birds, lost its top spot this week to Smurf's Village. Don't expect it to keep first place for too long, though.