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Roku's upcoming Premiere Plus, Ultra, Express images leaked ahead of launch

Following FCC filings earlier this month, more leaks are pointing to updated Roku models with more 4K support and, for the first time, HDR support. The familiar model numbers will also be replaced by all-new names.

Netflix urges the FCC to nuke data caps imposed by internet service providers

Netflix recently submitting a filing to the FCC asking for the elimination of internet data caps. The firm argues that each consumer needs at least 300GB per month just for internet TV alone, which will climb when consumers stream 4K…

U.S. government is teaming up with 30 major tech companies to fight robocallers

If your phone is ringing off the hook, it shouldn't be because of robocallers. It's a sentiment most (if not all) consumers seem to hold, one that the government holds, and now, one that more than 30 major tech companies hold as well.

Goodbye, competition! FCC loses court battle over municipal broadband networks

The FCC has lost a court battle in an attempt to allow the creation of municipal broadband networks. Currently 19 states do not allow these networks, essentially meaning that there is a lack of competition in these areas.

Out with Infrastructure? Google Fiber may become entirely wireless in the future

Google appears to be readying a transition away from wireline internet to airborne solutions, according to an FCC document filed by the company. It plans to roll out "experimental transmitters" later this year.

Third-party scheme that inflated phone bills results in $7.75M fine for AT&T

AT&T has been fined a hefty $7.75 million after a money-laundering scheme set up by suspected drug traffickers caused AT&T customers to be charged an extra $9 per month. The scheme was first uncovered by the Drug Enforcement Agency.

TP-Link settles with the FCC over routers that operated above radio power limits

TP-Link will pay a $200,000 fine to settle with the FCC after its routers violated power regulations, but the deal also stipulates that the company will allow users to install third-party firmware.

AT&T chief will head the intimidating-sounding ‘Robocalling Strike Force’

In response to the FCC's letter, AT&T and its CEO announced the Robocalling Strike Force, which looks to develop anti-robocalling tools and solutions. AT&T's CEO will head up the group.

The FCC wants robocall-blocking technology, and it wants it yesterday

The FCC sent out letters to major U.S. phone companies, urging the companies to implement robocall-blocking technology into their networks. The companies have within 30 days to respond to the letters.

Could Comcast be the next major wireless carrier? Company appears to be making bid

It looks like Comcast is looking to expand a little. How? By becoming a mobile carrier, of course. The company will reportedly take part in upcoming wireless auctions, and has apparently even set up a new wireless division.

T-Mobile loves competition in the wireless industry while it low-blows Verizon’s plan changes

In a letter sent to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), T-Mobile boldly proclaims that there is enough competition in the U.S. wireless industry for regulation to not be exerted anymore, thanks to its "innovative products."

The FCC just took the next big step in implementing 5G

The FCC has voted unanimously to implement a plan for 5G -- one that will see the commission designating bands of radio waves to 5G. Those radio waves will be used by carriers like Verizon and AT&T.