AT&T chief will head the intimidating-sounding ‘Robocalling Strike Force’

In response to the FCC's letter, AT&T and its CEO announced the Robocalling Strike Force, which looks to develop anti-robocalling tools and solutions. AT&T's CEO will head up the group.

The FCC wants robocall-blocking technology, and it wants it yesterday

The FCC sent out letters to major U.S. phone companies, urging the companies to implement robocall-blocking technology into their networks. The companies have within 30 days to respond to the letters.

Could Comcast be the next major wireless carrier? Company appears to be making bid

It looks like Comcast is looking to expand a little. How? By becoming a mobile carrier, of course. The company will reportedly take part in upcoming wireless auctions, and has apparently even set up a new wireless division.

T-Mobile loves competition in the wireless industry while it low-blows Verizon’s plan changes

In a letter sent to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), T-Mobile boldly proclaims that there is enough competition in the U.S. wireless industry for regulation to not be exerted anymore, thanks to its "innovative products."

The FCC just took the next big step in implementing 5G

The FCC has voted unanimously to implement a plan for 5G -- one that will see the commission designating bands of radio waves to 5G. Those radio waves will be used by carriers like Verizon and AT&T.

Net neutrality advocates feel less than warm toward T-Mobile’s Binge On

Net neutrality advocates sent 100,000 letters to the FCC, asking the government agency to take action against zero-rated data services like T-Mobile's Binge On, Verizon's FreeBee, and AT&T's sponsored data program.

The FCC is trying to figure out how much trouble unwanted radio waves really cause

Radio waves are everywhere, and many serve no real purpose. The FCC is trying to determine exactly how much the level of radio noise has changed over the past two decades since the proliferation of mobile devices.

Asus doesn't need to announce the ZenPad 9.7 — the FCC did it already

FCC documents unveiled the unannounced Asus ZenPad 9.7, which might be the company's return to the large Android tablet form factor. Seeing how Asus has yet to announce it, we do not know the ZenPad 9.7's price or availability.

The FCC is finally moving forward on 5G

The FCC has laid out its plans for defining 5G radio spectrums, essentially kicking off the development of 5G in the U.S. This will make the U.S. the first country to define 5G spectrums.
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Net Neutrality Win: The internet is a utility the FCC will regulate, says federal court

A D.C. Federal Court of Appeals has ruled that the internet is, indeed, to be considered a utility and, therefore, subject to regulation by the FCC. No doubt, broadband companies will continue to argue, but this is still being…
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The FCC’s move to unlock cable boxes gets a push from racial justice groups

The FCC is getting a push from over 30 organizations, including racial justice groups, to forge ahead with its plan to allow third-party devices to replace your cable box. The coalition claims the move would increase diverse content…

Could Nvidia’s upcoming Shield Tablet refresh feature its unannounced ‘Parker’ chip?

Documents pointing to a new tablet from Nvidia can be read on the FCC's website. The specs are unavailable, but do show its size, and support for Wireless AC, Bluetooth, and Bluetooth LE. The tablet could feature Nvidia's upcoming "Parker"…