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LightSquared fires back: Appeals FCC decision to kill LTE service

After earlier news that Sprint would be pulling out of a deal with LightSquared valued at nearly $9 billion, the satellite broadband provider has gone on the offensive and filed an appeal with the FCC.

T-Mobile to FCC: Stop Verizon from buying more spectrum

In a surprise announcement, T-Mobile has petitioned the FCC to block Verizon Wireless from purchasing additional wireless spectrum. But what is the move really about?

Congress declares another spectrum auction, but is anybody selling?

The government's plan for a spectrum auction has mobile carriers salivating for the extra airwaves and Congress salivating for the proceeds, but there's one major hitch: Existing broadcasters have to volunteer to sell it. Will any of them even bite on the…

FCC to pull preliminary approval for LightSquared’s LTE network

The Federal Communications Commission says its preparing to withdraw its preliminary approval of LightSquared's LTE network due to GPS interference issues; LightSquared vows to fight on.

Cable companies lobbying FCC to force customers into using set-top boxes

While some consumers have cut the cord from cable and satellite companies over the past couple years, cable companies are looking for a way to earn additional revenue from basic cable subscribers.

The FCC wants to modernize US with Lifeline’s low income broadband discounts

Broadband for all, not just for some. FCC looking to include broadband access in its Lifeline telecommunications subsidy in order to modernize the US.

World’s first “Super Wi-Fi” commercial network launches in North Carolina

While the debate over white space spectrum continues to go back and forth between Internet companies and broadcasters, one town in North Carolina is pushing forward with Wi-Fi service in public parks.

AT&T gets approval to buy Qualcomm spectrum

The FCC has approved AT&T's $1.9 billion deal to acquire 700 MHz spectrum blocks from Qualcomm to help build out its LTE 4G services.

FCC gives Nokia’s Lumia 800 their approval, just in time for CES?

The Nokia Lumia 800 gets approved by the FCC, suggesting its launch can't be far away. Coincidentally -- or not -- Nokia has called a Windows Phone related press event at CES in early January.

FCC issues new rule: No more loud TV commercials

The FCC has passed a new regulation requiring cable and satellite TV companies, as well as local broadcasters, to keep the volume of shows and commercials the same.

AT&T starts throttling high data users down to 2G speeds

While AT&T continues to struggle with both customer satisfaction and the proposed T-Mobile merger, high data users on the AT&T data network are going to get a nasty surprise this holiday season.

FCC Chairman warns that technology can be perverted for evil

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski spoke at a Holocaust memorial and warned against the perversion of technology in our modern world.

Can AT&T scramble to make a T-Mobile deal happen?

Now that both the Justice Department and the FCC oppose the T-Mobile merger, can AT&T find a way to make a deal work? And what happens to T-Mobile if it can't?

AT&T bracing for T-Mobile buyout failure

AT&T is showing doubt in it's attempt to purchase T-Moble from Deutsche Telekom. It has charged $4 billion against this quarter's earnings in case it has to pay Deutsche Telekom $6 billion if the deal falls through.

FCC Chairman: AT&T/T-Mobile deal not in public interest, hearing requested, reports WSJ

In a likely setback for the AT&T/T-Mobile merger, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski believes the deal is not in the public interest, and has requested an administrative hearing to investigate the proposed acquisition further.

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