FCC eyes data collection for next Net neutrality battle

In the wake of legislation established to promote Net neutrality, it looks likely that data collection will form the basis of the next encounter between the FCC and Internet service providers.

FCC report says 16 million Americans are without broadband Internet access altogether

Over 16 million citizens in one of the world's leading nations can't get their hands on even the slowest, 4Mbps up/1Mbps down, broadband Internet services. Even more are without competent offerings.

Labor union group accuses T-Mobile of 'deceptive' practices, files FCC complain

Labor union group Change to Win has filed a complaint with the FCC against T-Mobile, citing the company's "deceptive and unfair practices" in regard to its "Un-contract" marketing strategy.

What if your Apple TV was your cable box? The FCC wants you to have that choice

The FCC is expected to propose rules that would let customers ditch their pay-TV provider's cable box in favor of competitors' hardware. It faces stiff opposition from industry players and members of Congress.

The FCC says that American Internet access still really stinks

If you've complained about your Internet (or lack thereof) in the United States this past year, you're not alone -- the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) agrees with you, and just failed the country on its annual deployment test.

The U.S. has tripled Internet speeds over the last several years, but still lags behind others

Internet service providers in America have tripled the speed of an average connection over the last three and a half years, but the country's broadband still lags behind other nations.

FCC wants to be informed about data-free streaming services from T-Mobile, AT&T, and Comcast

The FCC sent letters to T-Mobile, AT&T, and Comcast, asking the companies to provide specific details about their respective data-free streaming services. The agency requested that the companies respond by no later than January 15…

T-Mobile Binge On doesn’t violate Net neutrality rules, says FCC chairman

T-Mobile's latest Un-Carrier service, Binge On, does not appear to violate the Net neutrality rules imposed by the Federal Communications Commission. The Chairman of the Commission, Tom Wheeler, said Binge On is both pro-competitive and…

The Justice Department won’t help the FCC fight against local broadband restrictions

The FCC is in the midst of legal action to tackle state restrictions on municipal broadband, but the Department of Justice has declined to take any stand in the cases.

Requesting ‘Do Not Track’ settings? Companies are just laughing in your face

Do Not Track requests are just that and only that, requests. And according to the Federal Communications Commission, they're requests that don't have to be, and often aren't, honored.

Would you pay $14 a minute for phone calls? Now prison inmates won’t have to either

The FCC is taking "further steps to rein in the excessive rates and egregious fees on phone calls paid by some of society’s most vulnerable: people trying to stay in touch with loved ones serving time in jail or prison."

Finally! The FCC is releasing telemarketers’ numbers to help you block them

The FCC announced it is releasing "robocall and telemarketing consumer complaint data weekly to help developers build and improve “do-not-disturb” technologies that allow consumers to block or filter unwanted calls and texts."