FCC will vote on Net neutrality in February

A huge number of people — including hundreds of thousands of ordinary citizens — have weighed in on the Net neutrality issue and it looks like we may get some kind of resolution next month.

FCC spites AT&T and Verizon, adopts T-Mobile’s plan to decrease roaming charges

The FCC has backed T-Mobile's proposal for improved guidelines on the price of international data roaming. The decision provoked the ire of AT&T and Verizon, both of which reportedly charge high rates to small carriers.

Sprint is next on FCC’s chopping block for cramming charges, as AT&T settles for $105M

According to a report, the FCC will leverage a $105 million fine against Sprint for surreptitiously charging customers for third-party services. AT&T recently paid a similar fine to settle charges with the agency.

Stop the thieving! FCC says 1 million smartphones stolen each year

Significantly more then 1 million smartphones are stolen each year in the U.S., according to a new report from the FCC. The group stated that kill switches and other security features help deter theft, but more could still be done to reduce…

T-Mobile forced to tell users how much they’re being throttled

T-Mobile must now inform customers when their data speed is being throttled and send links to accurate speed tests. The FCC ordered the Uncarrier to act, after reports of misleading speed tests emerged.

FCC slaps carriers with $10 million fee for customer privacy violations

The FCC slapped phone carriers TerraCom and YourTel with a combined $10 million in fines for a breach in consumer privacy. Customers' information was in a format that was easily accessible, with the carriers not alerting them to a security…

T-Mobile wants better coverage in your home, and it’s begging the FCC to make it happen

T-Mobile wants to arm itself with low-band spectrum in order to provide better coverage in homes. To do so, however, T-Mobile wants the FCC to make changes to its spectrum auction requirements.
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Google gets FCC approval for Nexus Player, preorders likely to reopen

Forced to halt all preorders of the Nexus Player on Saturday, Google will now be able to take orders of the set-top box once again after receiving approval from the Federal Communications Commission.

Lobbyists don’t want the FCC to reverse its in-flight cellphone call ban

Even though the FCC is considering lifting the 23-year-old ban on in-flight cellphone calls, lobbyists are asking the agency to reconsider its stance. Lobbyists worry about its use by terrorists and the nuisance it brings.

FCC hosts first round table event in series to discuss Net neutrality (updated)

The FCC will host a series of round table discussions on the subject of net neutrality this September and October. All of the discussions will be livestreamed.

Twitter, Netflix, Reddit, and other sites join ‘Internet Slowdown’ protest

Dozens of high-profile Internet companies joined the "Internet Slowdown" protest, which will be held on September 10. The protest aims to show how the creation of Internet fast and slow lanes would affect service.
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Netflix waves the red flag, files formal FCC petition against Comcast/TWC merger

Netflix has gladly played the role of irksome gadfly in the ever-heated net neutrality debate, but this week the streaming service went to the greatest and most serious length yet in its tearing-down of the proposed Comcast-Time Warner…