911 went out in Colorado, and the FCC ain’t happy about it

The Federal Communications Commission has penalized two companies that were involved in a 911 emergency call outage that affected 11 million people. The FCC's actions included assessing a record $16 million against CenturyLink for its role…

Report: Comcast getting support from beneficiaries for TWC merger

Comcast, which has a track record of conjuring support in Capitol Hill, is once again leveraging its influence as it seeks approval of its proposed merger with Time Warner Cable.

Two lawsuits are challenging the FCC’s new net neutrality rules

About a month after the Federal Communications Commission approved new Net neutrality rules, legal challenges questioning the validity of the agency’s decision are starting to pour in.

New proposal could make pay-for-play radio the norm

A new proposition backed by major US media companies seeks to remove the requirement of broadcasters to disclose which songs were paid for by promoters over the airwaves.

Congress urged to defund FCC’s net neutrality rules

Lifting strategies out of the Republican playbook, Commissioner Ajit Pai, one of the party’s representatives in the FCC, has asked the House to defund the agency's efforts to enforce Net neutrality.

FCC fines Verizon $3.4 million for failing to notify 911 operators in California of an outage

Verizon ran afoul of FCC regulations when it failed to notify California officials of extended 911 service downtime. The carrier had to pay $3.4 million to make up for its oversight.

FCC Net neutrality timeline: Read all the new rules in full detail

Over the past few weeks (or years), you’ve probably heard a lot about Net neutrality. If you want to know what it's all about, we’ve constructed a timeline to show the relevant events that led us to this point.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler talks Net neutrality decision and spectrum auctions

FCC chairman Tom Wheeler addressed the Net neutrality decision, spectrum auctions, and more at Mobile World Congress 2015. Although his keynote provided few answers, it held some good info.

Trends with Benefits: Why the FCC got it right, and a smartband that’s so wrong

The FCC's historic vote on Net neutrality, the Apple Watch, mind-controlled drones, and more in this week's episode.

Here’s what everyone is saying about the FCC’s historic Net neutrality ruling (in GIF form)

The FCC issued its landmark ruling to reclassify broadband as a utility under Title II of the Communications Act, among other things. As you can imagine, quite a few companies had things to say, so we compiled their reactions with GIF…

Is net neutrality government meddling or freedom? I’m with the porn stars.

The FCC is reclassifying the Internet as a telecommunication service. This is a massive change, but you may not understand it at all so we're going back to basics to explain what this is all about.

Marriott finally realizes blocking guest Wi-Fi hotspots is a bad idea

Definitely a positive outcome for Internet-addicted Marriott guests, the hotel chain has decided to halt all attempts at Wi-Fi hotspot blocking and will allows guests to connect to the Web using personal devices.