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FCC docs show new Motorola devices: Kinzie, a mid-range Droid, and the third-gen Moto G

Recent FCC filings show three new Motorola phones headed to market, the flagship "Kinzie," a potential new Droid, and the third-generation Moto G. Intriguingly, "Kinzie" contains support for all domestic LTE bands.

The Internet is not a human right, FCC commissioner says

In contrast to the opinions of Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Berners-Lee, and its own policies that attempt to extend access to the Internet, the Federal Communications Commission announced on Wednesday that the Internet is not a human right.

T-Mobile’s not-so-unlimited 4G LTE data plan has a 21GB cap before speeds slow down

Even if you have an unlimited plan, T-Mobile reserves the right to slow down your data if you use more than 21GB in a billing cycle. The degree to which it's slowed depends on congestion and time of day.

FCC votes to use cell phone taxes to help the poor access broadband Internet

In a 3-to-2 vote on Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission narrowly agreed to approve a proposal that would allow the U.S. government to subsidize the Internet for low-income Americans.
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FCC takes action on robocalls, spam texts: DT Daily 1:48

The FCC says consumers can tell phone service providers to block robocalls and spam text messages, the Hybrid Airship combines a blimp with an airplane and a Heinz QR code sends people to a porn site.

Sprint ends throttling unlimited customers’ data to stay in the FCC’s good graces

Sprint announced it'll stop throttling unlimited customers in a preemptive response to the FCC's new Net neutrality rules. The move comes soon after the commission announced plans to fine AT&T for slowing certain subscribers' speeds.

And the largest fine in FCC history goes to … AT&T for throttling data speeds

AT&T will cough up $100 million for throttling its customer's data and not properly informing them of the practice. AT&T argues back that throttling is necessary to ensure overall network performance, but the FCC says unlimited data means…

FCC urges phone companies to make opt-out anti-theft measures standard on all devices

The FCC has urged smartphone manufacturers to make the anti-theft measures on devices an opt-out system, ensuring they come switched on as standard, in an effort to cut down on smartphone thefts.

FCC Chairman proposes cheaper Internet for low-income households to improve upward mobility

The FCC is proposing changes to their Lifeline program that would provide broadband connections to all qualifying low-income Americans. The proposal comes from FCC chairman Tom Wheeler.

Verizon and Sprint ordered to pay $158 million in fines over cramming charges

The Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission have slammed Sprint and Verizon with a collective $158 million in fines after the conclusion of an investigation over "mobile cramming" allegations.

FCC Net neutrality update: U.S. Telecoms say reclassification will be ‘crushing’ to industry

FCC chairman Tom Wheeler’s new Net neutrality proposal aims to reclassify broadband under Title II, end throttling, blocking, and paid prioritization. Here’s what it all means and how it will affect you.

Despite Comcast’s failure, AT&T’s $48.5 billion merger with DirecTV is looking good

AT&T's proposed merger with DirecTV seems likely to win approval from the FCC and Justice Department. The telecommunications giant plans to merge its regional pay-TV offerings with satellite programming.