FCC tells Verizon that just because other carriers throttle, doesn’t mean it can too

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler dismissed Verizon's defense of data throttling as an industry standard. The FCC also sent letters to other major carriers, asking them to explain their policies on data throttling.

FCC chairman Tom Wheeler is relieved Sprint and T-Mobile aren’t merging

Even though Sprint is likely not happy about canceling its reportedly planned takeover of T-Mobile USA, in a brief statement, FCC chairman Tom Wheeler approved of Sprint's move.

Obama goes against the FCC on net neutrality

President Barack Obama spoke out in favor of net neutrality, condemning the practice of paid prioritization. His statements go against the current FCC proposal on the issue.

Verizon tells FCC that data throttling is necessary to keep the network going

Verizon told the FCC that data throttling is a necessary evil to keep the network running smoothly. Verizon says its move to throttle unlimited data subscribers is justified in the name of getting rid of network congestion.

4 big things 1 million people are telling the FCC about Net neutrality

Commenters overwhelmed the FCC with demands to preserve Net neutrality. The latest comments cite America's belief in free market capitalism, competition, and freedom as reasons to keep the Internet open.
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Netflix makes last plea to FCC for Net Neutrality, calls out Comcast and Verizon

Netflix makes its final plea to the FCC in a push for higher regulation to preserve Net Neutrality. In addition, the company used its platform to once again take jabs at rivals Comcast and Verizon for slow streaming speeds.

Google, Facebook, other tech firms push FCC for net neutrality

These tech firms, and a bunch of others, are nudging the FCC with the hopes that they'll draft strong rules that favor an open Internet.

FCC gets 647,000 net neutrality comments ahead of Tuesday deadline

Have you had your say on the FCC's net neutrality proposals? 647,000 people have already left comments about the future of the open Web, and the first round of feedback finishes on Tuesday.
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Dish pleads with FCC to take closer look at upcoming mergers

Dish Network expressed concern this week over two important upcoming merger deals set to further alter the already-transforming pay-TV landscape - those of Comcast/Time Warner Cable and AT&T/DirecTV. Dish's senior vice president…

FCC issues wallet-burning $34.9 million fine to Chinese retailer for selling signal jammers

The FCC has issued a $34.9 million fine, its largest ever, to Chinese online retailer CTS Technology. It alleges that the retailer has sold hundreds of signal jammers to consumers over more than two years, 10 of which were sold…

Democrats introduce bill to bar the FCC from allowing Internet ‘fast lanes’

Democrats proposed a bill that would require the FCC to ban Internet “fast lanes.” The legislation would force the agency to prohibit ISPs from speeding up certain types of Internet traffic while slowing down others.

John Oliver challenges the FCC chairman to sincerely prove he’s not a dingo

An unintentionally hilarious denial from Tom Wheeler has set off a new line of questioning from comedian John Oliver, who had his doubts about the FCC chairman's biological makeup.