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Your drone delivery dream is one step closer: Amazon gets testing permission for Prime Air

When Amazon boss Jeff Bezos unveiled his plan to use drones for deliveries back in 2013, most people laughed it off as a publicity stunt. The company is serious, however, and has just won FAA approval to test its Prime Air delivery drone.

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FAA’s proposed drone rules put Amazon’s Prime Air plans in jeopardy

Amazon's hope of one day using drones to deliver goods to customers in the U.S. received a setback Sunday when the Federal Aviation Administration released proposals for the commercial operation of the unmanned aircraft systems.

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CNN to test drones for news reports after nod from FAA

It's no secret that news outlets are itching to get their hands on drones for TV reports. Trouble is, strict FAA rules mean the commercial use of the technology is heavily restricted. Thanks to a move by CNN, however, the situation looks set to change.

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Reports of drones flying close to aircraft on increase, FAA data reveals

Despite the fact that drone flights are banned within five miles of U.S. airports, an alarming number of sightings have been reported by pilots in the last six months, with some coming perilously close to aircraft.

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FAA orders airlines to replace cockpit displays in 1300 jets over Wi-Fi interference

The Federal Aviation Administration is ordering airlines to replace cockpit displays on more than 1,300 Boeing 737 and 777 planes following concerns over Wi-Fi interference that could cause the screens to go blank.


Put down that drone! FAA cracks down on realtors using aerial drone photos

NRT, the country's largest residential real estate brokerage firm, has instructed all its members to avoid using drones or images shot with drones because the FAA prohibits their use for commercial purposes, including real estate.


United the latest carrier to let passengers use electronic devices during entire flight

One by one, airlines in the US are acting on the FAA's ruling permitting carriers to allow the use of electronic devices during all phases of flight, with United on Wednesday announcing its new "electronics-friendly cabins".


You may soon be able to use your gadgets during takeoff and landing

An FAA advisory panel has reportedly recommended that the agency lift a ban on using gadgets, like smartphones and tablets, during takeoff and landing. Don't get too excited, though – the FAA still has to change the rules.


FAA may soon allow use of approved electronic devices during take-off & landing

Sources told The New York Times that the Federal Aviation Administration is looking at becoming more lax on its rule of turning off all electronic devices during take-off and landing. Chances are that we'll be able to use our gadgets during the entire flight…


FAA rules on use of electronics during flights could change in fliers’ favor before year end, report says

If you're a frequent flier frustrated by the FAA's ban on the use of electronic devices during take-off and landing, you'll be pleased to learn that an industry group set up last year to look into the situation may be about to recommend the rules be relaxed.


FAA gives Boeing permission to conduct test flights on grounded 787 Dreamliner

The Federal Aviation Administration has given plane-maker Boeing permission to conduct test flights on its 787 Dreamliner aircraft. The plane was grounded last month by airlines around the world after a number of incidents concerning its on-board lithium-ion…


FAA grounds all US-based Boeing Dreamliners amid battery concerns

The Federal Aviation Administration has grounded all US-based Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft while safety checks are carried out on the plane's lithium-ion batteries. The batteries appear to have been the cause of a number of serious incidents this month…


Why the FAA is taking fresh look at gadgets on airplanes

The FAA will be taking a new look at allowing electronic devices to be used on planes. But why aren't our gadgets allowed in the first place, and what new bit of information could change that?

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Alec Baldwin kicked off American Airlines flight for playing Words with Friends

While the addictive nature of mobile gaming can quickly lead to a dead smartphone battery, the star of NBC's 30 Rock found himself being removed from a flight which he attributed to playing Zynga's version of Scrabble.


Alaska Airlines becomes first major U.S. airline to receive in-cockpit iPad approval

Alaska Airlines receives approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to use the iPad as a replacement for in-cockpit flight manuals.