Mamma mia! Watch a Ferrari test driver take the whole hypercar stable out for a spin

A track video of four of the most prominent Ferraris of all time has hit the web. In the film, you can see Ferrari’s chief test driver Dario Benuzzi driving a F40, F50, Enzo, and LaFerrari back to back around the Fiorano…

Sound and fury: hear the Ferrari 488 GTB fired up for the first time

A videographer has captured footage of the Ferrari 488 GTB and what looks like the GTS leaving the Maranello facility. The video features the first glimpse of the V8 convertible, as well as the first recordings of the 488’s…

Super-rare 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider could break auction records

An extremely rare and coveted Ferrari 250 GT California is set to go to auction this May at Villa Erba. The valuable Ferrari was restored and featured at Ferrari’s own museum and could demand an asking price of over 14 million dollars.

Ferrari’s new virtual showroom brings real-time car customization to new buyers

Ferrari has commissioned the development of an app that uses augmented reality overlaid on top of physical showroom cars. This allows customers to customize the vehicle with their preferred options and explore its inner workings.

De Niro Reportedly playing Enzo Ferrari in upcoming biopic

An Italian magazine is reporting that Robert De Niro will star in a movie about Enzo Ferrari and his founding of the famous automaker. Nothing is confirmed, but its rumored that producers are seeking Clint Eastwood to direct.

Alfa Romeo announces ‘Ferrari-derived’ six-cylinder engine

"Ferrari derived" is about as good an adjective as any, and it's what Alfa Romeo is using to describe its new six-cylinder engine which, along with a new four-banger, will power the brand's expansion.

The return of the ‘Dino’? A twin-turbo V6 Ferrari rumored to be coming in 2019

A new rumor has reignited speculation that Ferrari will once again offer an entry-level “dino” model. The rumor states Ferrari is developing a twin-turbo V6 car, set to debut in 2019.

Watch the Ferrari FXX K go from sketchbook to track in this ‘making of’ video

Ferrari has released a video featuring the design process of its track-only hypercar, the FXX K. The LaFerrari-based vehicle has 50 more downforce and has been tuned to deliver more power and handling over the road version.

Ferrari says no to turbocharged V12 engines, but says yes to electric assist

Those worrying that future Ferrari V12 engines will be turbocharged will be pleased to hear that this is not the intended direction for the power plant. Ferrari will, however, continue the electric-boosted system pioneered in the LaFerrari.

Bugatti Veyron and Ferrari LaFerrari go head-to-head in a straight-line drag race

The Ferrari LaFerrari was given an opportunity to square off against the Bugatti Veyron at an exotic car event. Both powerful, yet differently configured vehicles boast sup 3-second acceleration times.

Xiaomi turns five, may announce first smartwatch and new smartphone to celebrate

Chinese smartphone and electronics firm Xiaomi turns five years old in April, and to celebrate, it will hold a special event on March 31, where a variety of new products are likely to be revealed.

Ferrari asks what the future of Formula 1 could be with this design concept

Ferrari has released a design concept of the potential for future Formula 1 cars ahead of an F1 commission meeting to discuss a dynamic rule overhaul. The design’s purpose is to model a race car thats stylish enough to endear it to…