Mozilla reopens its Test Pilot program for Firefox in the safest way possible

Mozilla launched a new extension for Firefox that allows users to test and provide feedback on experimental features without having to install the beta or nightly build. this "Test Pilot" program currently provides three new features to…

Battle of the browsers: Edge vs. Chrome vs. Firefox vs. Safari vs. Opera vs. IE vs. Vivaldi

We pit the newest versions of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Edge, and Vivaldi against one another to try and name the best browser. Check out our comprehensive breakdown for all the details.

Firefox 46 is here, here's the complete list of new features

Mozilla's now offering Firefox 46, the latest version of the company's popular Web browser. There aren't many new features, but it's worth updating just to stay secure and up to date.

Developers are flocking to the new Bash feature in Windows 10 Build 14316

One developer has taken to Reddit to reveal that he has gotten Linux-based Firefox and Vim running next to Windows 10 apps using the new Bash feature. Others are reporting success stories too despite some problems with the new beta feature.

Firefox’s future is more Chrome-like than you’d imagine

The Mozilla Foundation may have finally admitted that the Chromium Electron API is a better base for a browser, as it will be wrapping that around its Gecko core for its next-generation browser developments. The result could be something…

Vivaldi web browser hits version 1.0, beats Chrome, Firefox in RAM usages

Jon von Tetzchner has been working with a "team of browser building pioneers" to launch Vivaldi, a power-savvy new web browser that could rival Firefox, Safari, and even Google Chrome.

25 Firefox add-ons that will make you love Mozilla’s browser even more

Love Firefox, but want to make it even better to use, or customize it fit your needs? This list of the best Firefox add-ons will put you on the path to web browsing nirvana.

Mozilla drops ‘Train Model,’ shifts Firefox to a flexible release schedule

Mozilla has announced that Firefox version updates will no longer be released at rigid six-week intervals, instead moving to a more flexible schedule that is slated to commence in June 2016.

The Brave browser says it will ‘fix the Web’ with no ads and no tracking

Brave is a new ad- and tracking-free browser that its creators claim will “fix the Web” and help users avoid annoying or intrusive ads that track your habits too much. It was developed by Brave Software and former Mozilla CEO Brendan…
Movies & TV

Firefox gets support for Netflix’s HTML5 video player on Windows

For the longest time, Firefox users wanting to watch a little Netflix had to install a plugin to do so, but now the Windows version of the browser supports Netflix's HTML5 video player, making the plugin a thing of the past.

Eight months of ads in Firefox are coming to an end

Mozilla upset users by adding paid "Suggested" sites to the new tab page. Now that program is coming to an end, although Mozilla has left the door open on advertising to users long term.

Mozilla is thinking about ditching Thunderbird email client

The Mozilla Foundation has a number of long-running projects, but it may soon be set to drop the Thunderbird email client, with executive chairman Mitchell Baker saying Mozilla would rather see developers focus on Firefox.