The first public preview of Firefox for iOS is here – if you live in New Zealand

If you're an iPhone user unhappy with your current crop of mobile browsers, then hold tight, Firefox for iOS is just around the corner. Mozilla rolled out the first public preview of the software on Thursday, though you have to be in New…

Mozilla makes private browsing on Firefox even more private

Mozilla is testing private browsing enhancements for Firefox to give secretive users invisibility from website services that track can their browsing activity and collect their data.

Firefox 40 launches with Windows 10 support, more malware protection

Perhaps ideal for anyone that's already installed Windows 10, Mozilla has upgraded the popular Firefox browser to offer a more streamlined user experience as well as stronger protection against malicious add-ons.
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Mozilla pushes out quick patch for Firefox: DT Daily 1:16

Mozilla pushes out a patch for a vulnerability in Firefox, latest iOS9 beta brings wi-fi calling feature to AT&T iPhones.

Firefox users, update your browser: Mozilla has found and fixed a new vulnerability

It isn't at all unusual to hear about a newly unearthed browser vulnerability, but it's slightly less common to hear that it's already been fixed. Firefox users, it's time to update your browser.

Your smartphone or laptop battery could be used to track you, researchers say

Using the Battery Status API, researchers discovered that websites can track you by gathering battery life information from your smartphone or laptop battery even when you're behind a VPN or corporate firewall.

Mozilla CEO claims Windows 10 browser defaults override user choice

Mozilla CEO Chris Beard isn't happy about Windows 10 -- not the OS itself, but rather the way Microsoft is making its new Edge browser the default choice, even on upgraded systems where Firefox or Chrome was previously the default.

Want some Internet in your Windows 10 Start Menu? Here’s how to pin your favorite websites

Would you like to pin website bookmarks to the Start Menu or Task Bar in Windows 10, in order to use browser links like apps? It's not as easy as it should be, especially if you want to use Chrome or Firefox, but we'll tell you how.

Firefox users are finally getting audio indicators and a mute feature for noisy tabs

Mozilla is working on giving Firefox users a feature to see which open browser tabs are playing audio and, if they choose, mute those noisy tabs. This feature exists in similar fashion for Google’s Chrome and Apple’s Safari browsers.

Mozilla shows off new Firefox UI changes for Windows 10

Mozilla is hoping to recapture some of the browser game's market share following years of Chrome emigration. To help that along, it's redesigning the user interface for the release of Windows 10, making it much more comfortable on the eyes…

Can Mozilla’s new plan save Firefox from its declining market share?

As Firefox continues to bleed users, Mozilla outlines a series of changes set to be implemented immediately in an attempt to turn the tide and compete against the likes of Google and Microsoft.

Finding bugs in Firefox is now much more profitable

Bug catchers can get anywhere from $500 to $10,000 for catching glitches and exploits in Mozilla's software.